Does Google Home Edge Out Amazon Echo?

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Many articles have been written about each smart speaker and opinion can vary depending on who you listen to. One person might believe the Amazon Echo is better while another blogger will swear by the Google Home. In the United States, the Amazon Echo is still the best seller, although the Google Home is gaining ground fast. This infographic from Half Price takes you through how the two compare in a variety of different categories.

On a purely design basis, many people believe the home has a far superior design. The Echo has a very basic design whereas the home has a more rounded base with a top cut off at an angle. However, because the Echo has been around longer it is compatible with a wide range of devices around the house. The Home continues to improve but is still a good distance behind the Echo in terms of compatibility with devices.

If music and movies is your thing, Google Home may be the best option as it allows you to listen to audio from Google Play Music and YouTube and if you have a Chromecast you can connect it to other speakers in the house.

For shopping, the Echo is the clear winner as it allows you to order items off Amazon. On the Echo you can avail of Google Express or Amazon, but the reality is that it isn’t nearly as extensive as Amazon.

Some people use their speaker to help them be more productive and the ‘skills’ category really does give the Amazon the edge. The ‘skills’ category is similar to a series of smartphone apps and can help you learn a new language or learn about history.

The reality is both companies are always working to improve and in a year the Google Home could become the market leader. Both have incredible teams working to continuously improve their speaker and it will be interesting to see who does it best.

Do your own research before committing to a purchase. It’s hard to make a wrong decision as both are quality products and be sure to check prices online and locally to get the best deal. They’re a great addition to any home and they are just becoming more and more popular. Join the smart speaker revolution today. Which smart speaker do you believe is better? Learn about both devices in the infographic to help you make a decision.


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