Google Home Now Controls Wink-Supported Products And More

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Google Home has become a more capable control center for smart home devices with the addition of several more integrations. Vivint, Wink, LiFX, August, TP-Link, Rachio and Best Buy’s Insignia are announcing integration with Google Home, and that’s not all. According to TechCrunch, First Alert, Frigidaire, Logitech, Geeni, and Anova are also adding integration.

Google Home now controls Wink products

Now you can control a lot of things in your home through Google Home using your voice. But among all the new devices, three names are very crucial and will help Google Home gain more acceptance.

Wink makes a home hub which works as a bridge between all your connected devices. The Hub 2 has Z-Wave, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and several other protocols to communicate with smart home products. There will be clear tutorials, graphics and requirements for you if the product you select is supported by Wink, notes Android Police.

Users will be able to control some Wink products from Assistant and Google Home. The user can head over to Home Control in their Google Home app, tap the + button, select Wink, and then log in with their username and password to add Wink to their list of controllable devices.

All thermostats and lighting products will be listed, and the user can group them together if needed. To control the devices, a user can use commands like “turn up the temperature by 3 degrees,” “set living room light to 80%,” “turn bedroom light off,” or “set living room thermostat to 70 degrees.”

Support for Logitech Harmony and August

Along with Wink’s thermostats and lighting gear, Logitech’s Harmony line can also be controlled with voice commands from Google Home. With Logitech’s smart home platform, you can now ask Harmony to skip forward or backward on content, control the volume of your connected speakers or start a specific app on Roku. According to Logitech, Harmony Elite, Companion and Hub smart home tech can be used with nearly 270,000 devices.

Integrating with Home makes August’s locks compatible with the big three, notes TechCrunch, as it already supports Amazon and Apple. In a press release, the company said it is working with Google’s team to develop a safe and secure way to enable unlocking via Google Assistant.

The internet giant also announced that Google Home would be coming to the U.K., and in February, the company rolled out Assistant on more handsets. The news about additional integration comes when companies like Motorola and Huawei announced plans to embrace Alexa.

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