Google Glass Now Lets You Livestream

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Google Glass could make history with a revolutionary application that allows users to broadcast the world from their point of view. The new Livestream app makes it easy to both professionals and average users to broadcast live video.

Google Glass could take make live recording easier

Although Google Glass has yet to hit the mainstream market, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is trying to find ways to revolutionize the product. This new app could provide just that. Concerns remain, however regarding the app’s (lack of) privacy. The capabilities of recording live without offering cues to those being filmed could worry advocates of privacy.

Livestream’s co-founder/chief product officer Phil Worthington claimed, “It’s a balance between privacy and journalism. Yes, maybe there are privacy concerns, but I think the information it shares with the world is much more valuable than that.”

Worthington also claimed this app couldn’t really do anything different than what technology could do before.

Big possibilities for the future of Livestream

Livestream previously worked with Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR)’s IPO livestream right from the New York Stock exchange. Google Glass utilizing this technology would open up a whole new world that shows new perspectives. Google Glass allows users to record anything from their point of view. Concert goers can share their view with their friends and parents can share their baby’s special moments with far away grandparents. Even more groundbreaking is the possibility of citizen journalists capturing live moments as the moments happen.

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