Google Glass May Launch With An Awful Battery Life

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The early units of Google Glass after being tested by earlier reviewers revealed that one of the biggest issues with the prototypes was poor battery life.

Google Glass May Launch With An Awful Battery Life

According to BGR, Glass reportedly goes for about five hours on a charge with average usage only. A device that is designed particularly for capturing long videos and recordings is not likely to last longer than a couple of hours.

Bloomberg Businessweek spoke with Sergey Brin, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) co-founder, about a number of things “Google X” is working on. While talking about the Glass final launch, Brin made an interesting comment about the device.

“Asked about Google Glass, a project he championed and which he has been photographed testing on the New York City subway, he points to the device perched on his nose and says, ‘You know, this is basically done.’ “

While a lot of interesting meanings can be taken out of that comment,  the publication narrowed it down to two interpretations. One of them suggests that an updated version of the tech does exist within Google’s lab, while the models available for reviews and use are perhaps prototypes only. Another interpretation points to a rather troubling situation for Glass fans, for it suggests that the models currently in use are the versions that are “basically done”.

Hence, in light of the latter interpretation, we can conveniently assume that Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is most likely launching its Glass device with awful battery life sometime in 2014.


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