Google Finally Fixes Freezing Bug In Pixel Handsets

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Google released its over-the-air monthly security update for Pixel and Nexus devices on Monday. Users can also download the update directly if they do not want to wait. According to Android Police, this is one of the most important Pixel software updates as it addresses the issue that causes some phones to freeze.

Google fixes freezing bug

The new updates are available for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Pixel C/XL, and a few other Google devices. In a blog post, the search giant confirmed that the fix “should address many of the freezing issues that have been reported.”

With the update, it now becomes more difficult for remote miscreants to run dubious applications on the handsets. The developers have also added new permissions in the Bluetooth and System UI, thereby not leaving any gaps.

For months, some users have been facing issues with their Pixel locking up at least once or twice a day. There was no way to recover the phone from the screen freeze except by holding down the power button for a hard reset. Pixel and Pixel XL handsets on the Verizon network will get the June security fix as software version NHG47N. The previous security update, NHG47L, was pushed out in May, suggesting that Verizon is doing a decent job of keeping Google phones up to date.

Before installing the update, users must ensure that the device has enough charge and back up their photos, documents and music. A Wi-Fi connection must be used to ensure smooth download.

In recent times, Google has been pretty active in making Android secure. Just a few days ago after over 36.5 million Android devices were hit by the Judy malware, Google decided to award $200,000 to those who find a bug in its Android system. Cyber-security firm Check Point stated that nearly a dozen malicious apps were downloaded between 4.5 million and 18.5 million times from the Play Store.

Some of the malware apps have been in the online store for quite a few years, and Judy was one such bug, showing how malicious app developers can prey on an open and free mobile operating system.

Will LG make the Pixel 3?

While Google is looking to fix errors in its existing products, rumors are abuzz that the company is working on the Pixel 3. Several reports claim that Google has approached LG — not HTC — to make the next Pixel smartphones. It must be noted that the Pixel 2 has yet to be launched by the company.

According to The Investor, this is not the first time that Google and LG will come together to manufacture a phone. LG was the manufacturer of Google’s Nexus devices. The report also noted that the Pixel line of smartphones was a massive hit, but due to supply constraints, the search giant might have tapped LG. If supply were not an issue, Google would have sold 5 million units around the world.

An unnamed insider reportedly told The Investor, “Google is seeking a new partner for the phone’s stable supply.”

The insider also stated that LG will manufacture the Pixel 2 phones, which will be launched in the second half of this year.

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