Google Clips vs. GoPro Hero 6: Best Camera Comparison

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GoPro had its great moment last week when it revealed the Hero 6 action camera at its San Francisco event. It wasn’t too long until it hit the shelves worldwide and represented one of the best action cameras, with built-in waterproofing features, protection, and other significant capabilities. Adventure lovers will love the overall image quality improvements and ability to take the camera to explore the wonders of the oceans or hiking.

Google Clips vs. GoPro Hero 6

Still, it wasn’t long until the GoPro Hero 6 got another rival. Yesterday, along with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones, Google revealed its new action camera, the Google Clips, at a significantly cheaper price tag and a great variety of features. We looked at the features of the Google Clips vs. GoPro Hero 6 to see which one is better.

Although Google didn’t unveil all the details regarding the Google Clips tag-along camera, we have enough information to compare it to the Hero 6, a high-end action camera. Google Clips is, perhaps, not as professional as the Hero 6. Still, it offers excellent reliability in capturing the moments that matter while having your camera attached to you and monitoring it from your smartphone. Clips captures the moments that matter, the adventures you have on a trip with your family, fireworks displays, or anything that can catch your attention.

The images taken by Google Clips are similar to Apple’s newly introduced Live Photo. However, it doesn’t include the audio that goes with the images. Still, users can enjoy the smart recognition features it has to offer. Although the camera has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the camera won’t go online and broadcast your images. Instead, enjoy the images you took by browsing through them on your phone.

Google’s innovative wearable camera uses machine learning to capture people and your pets. It is easy to use, and you can wear it or clip it to any location in your house, as long as you have something meaningful to capture there. When it comes to technical specifications, Google didn’t reveal info about the sensor. Still, we learned that it sports 16GB of storage and a reliable battery providing three hours of smart capturing on one charge. Moreover, the device will smartly notify you when its battery is about to run out of juice.

To make sure it is durable, Google included Gorilla Glass 3. The camera works well with a 130-degree field of view. Other features include a USB Type-C port, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth and the capability to shoot 15 frames per second.

Google Clips looks like a home-intended camera that captures the most meaningful and memorable family moments with children and dear friends. On the other hand, the $500 GoPro Hero 6 tells a different story.

GoPro intended to deliver the most convenient, yet professional camera ever, and it succeeded with the Hero 6. The GoPro Hero 6 sports a GP1 processor to provide more video frame rates than the competition. Other features include dynamic range, low-light performance, video stabilization and much more.

The Hero 6 is an ideal action camera for capturing 4K videos and 1080p videos. More importantly, it boasts superb video stabilization that was never seen before on previous GoPro models. The Hero 6 aims to deliver everything on a professional level, and the new touch zoom will let you adjust the video faster than ever before and enjoy the powers of 5GHz Wi-Fi.

It is important to note that the GoPro Hero 6 is waterproofed, something that the Google Clips indeed isn’t. Moreover, you will be able to dive up to 33 feet to explore the beautiful underwater views the ocean has to offer. The most popular feature is QuikStories, which, when you enable it, can capture cinematic videos under the water or during a hike or snowboarding session. Later, you can share them thanks to the GoPro app.

You will probably agree that the Google Clips vs. GoPro Hero 6 comparison isn’t realistic. If you want to capture memorable clips and live images with your family, the Google Clips will suffice all your needs. If you are an adventure-hungry explorer, the GoPro Hero 6 will accompany you on all your adventures.

What do you think about the Google Clips vs. GoPro Hero 6? Which camera fits your comfort zone more?

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