Google Challenges Facebook With Controversial Google+ Tactic

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Google has rolled out an aggressive strategy to gain grounds against Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), which has been dominating the world of social networks for the past few years.

Google Challenges Facebook With Controversial Google+ Tactic

In a very controversial tactic, Google now requires people to have a Google+ account in order to post on Gmail, Youtube and other Google service, including the Zagat restaurant’s review website.

As similar as it appears, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) is indeed pushing you into using Google+, without leaving you with much of your own choice.

Although, a similar kind of integration tactic has been practiced by industry rivals Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) and Twitter, the web search giant takes it a bit off the edge by forcing an integration without leaving an open option.

According to Wall Street Journal, Google aims to link your online existence under a single hood, i.e., Google’s own social network Google+. Although, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) practices much the same by connecting Facebook with everything you view or do online, it does ask you for your choice to sign in using your Facebook account.

Whilst Facebook Connect and similar social networks have been around since 2008, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) seems to have come in a little late on the game, which is why the company has probably enforced such an aggressive strategy to pick up its pace with the industry rivals.

A user revealed that his Google+ profile was tied to a software review he wrote on the Google Play online store. Much to his surprise, the profile was tied to that review without his permission.

Vice President Bradley Horowitz. “The entry points to Google+ are many, and the integrations are more every day.”

Atlantic Wire discussed that its all about competing with Facebook.  They highlighted that there are only 135 million “active in stream” users of Google+’s entire volume of 500 million users to this date. Many people exist on Google+ just because Gmail made their automatic accounts. However, nobody joins Facebook by an accident or just for the sake of keeping a Facebook existence.

Part of their aggressive strategy to gain the similar influence in the world of social media, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) rolled out its new notification update “Never miss another post” that allows a user to know when specific people, whom you request to receive personal notifications from, post updates on their timelines, much like Facebook’s favorite notifications.

It appears that if Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) keeps up with its aggressive strategies to enforce a kind of social integration, chances are that the web search giant might end up facing another anti-trust investigation.

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