Google Prepping Android Game Console, Smartwatch, New Nexus Q

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Google is developing an Android based game console, smartwatch, and an updated version of the Nexus Q, as per recent reports. These reports come from The Wall Street Journal, who is citing sources claiming to have  information regarding Google’s plans.

With the Android powered gaming console and smartwatch, Google is hoping to compete with similar pending device offerings from Apple.

Google Prepping Android Game Console, Smartwatch, New Nexus Q

Google Competing with Ouya and Shield

If Google succeeds in developing a gaming console, then it would be going to shake up the existing Android gaming industry. The current popular Android game consoles are Ouya, which was launched in stores this week and went out of stock within a day, and the Shield from Nvidia.

Google is also preparing to release a second version of Nexus Q, which is an Android powered media streaming device. It comes with 16GB of storage space and would cost $300. The Nexus Q was given to developers in 2012, but it hasn’t been made available to the public since then. What made Google change their mind is still not clear.

Google Prepping Android Game Console, Smartwatch, New Nexus Q

Can Google and Apple Compete with Pebble?

We’ve heard several times that Google is planning to build a smartwatch, and WSJ’s report confirms that. The Google watch is expected to connect to a person’s smartphone via Bluetooth technology, much like the Pebble smartwatch. Apple is also reportedly working on an iWatch, which again is a smartwatch. For now, if Google and Apple really come up with a watch, then Pebble would be considered their main competitor.

WSJ‘s report does not delve deeper into the hardware that Google is developing, nor is there any news of a product release in the near future. It makes sense to take this news with a pinch of salt. It might also happen that these new products never see the light of the day, just like the Nexus Q.

Which product are you most interested in? Is it the smartwatch or the gaming console from Google? Let us know your thoughts in comments.

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