Google Adds Conversational Search To New Chrome

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In an effort to improve the overall search experience, Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) just released the latest Chrome in build 27 and it features conversational voice search. This new feature was introduced at the Google I/O this year and it was touted as a way to search with your voice. It also allows users to transcribe queries in real time using natural language. Users can ask Google search straightforward questions and the results will lead you to straightforward answers.


According to Darrell Etherington from TechCrunch, this new transcription search feature is the most exciting. He elaborated, “The transcription feature is awesome, since you can actually watch Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) try to anticipate what you’re going to say and then adapt in real time to the right query. So far in my testing, it hasn’t gotten anything wrong; this isn’t the clumsy voice input of five years ago that got things wrong as often as it got them right. Having it understand natural queries is also very cool, and for the first time, you get a sense that this is what we all imagined something like AskJeeves was meant to be, but good and effective.”

Google Inc (GOOG)’s New Feature Improves Search

This new search feature should improve search results by offering the most accurate information. For instance, if a user was to ask about a certain location, they would get a map. If the user was to ask about a specific person, they would get a biography. It’s the best way to discover what you want without having to weed through less than satisfactory results.

For those who want to access this feature, users will have to download the Chrome browser. If they already have Chrome, they will have to update it. Despite the fact that this new browser feature seems to have a promising future, it’s still in testing mode. It doesn’t support voice activation so users can’t use voice commands to open up the feature, instead they must press the microphone button on the search bar to start.

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