Google Expected To Launch $50 Smartphone Next Year

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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) wants to continue to dominate the smartphone market. This is why the company is reportedly working on a cheap $50 smartphone that could debut next year.

Talks of Project Ara continue

Google’s current project is titled Project Ara. This would include a slew of customizable devices that would give consumers more options for their device. Such options could include key specifications and hardware. It could also feature detachable components to further customize options.

India Today explained, “Originally, the Project Ara was announced by the Motorola with the aim of making modular phones in October, 2013. In January, 2014, Google sold its mobile business to Lenovo but didn’t let Project Ara go with the deal. It is still under the world’s biggest search engine. Now, Internet is abuzz with a Time’s report that has revealed fresh details about the project and Google’s plans to make modular phone a reality very soon. In fact, the report suggests that the modular phone could be available by first quarter of 2015. And, it is going to be cheaper than the most smartphones too.”

Google hopes to revolutionize their budget phone

Google also wants to transform hardware the way Android has transformed software. A smartphone that lets buyers customize it to their liking would be one way to separate it from all the others. This project is truly innovative and ambitious. However, like some of Google’s other experimental projects, this project might never make it all the way into consumers’ hands. Modularity could be just the thing the smartphone market needs, and Google could be just the perfect candidate to create it.

In all honesty, it’s hard to imagine an innovative phone that costs just $50. Such a phone wouldn’t come with some of the features that many would expect from an innovative phone such as high-resolution screen or a fast mobile broadband speed.

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