Goldman Sachs upgrades Tesla; Spiegel’s Twitter Account Suspended

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Whitney Tilson’s email to investors discussing Goldman Sachs upgrades Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA); Mark Spiegel’s Twitter account suspended; Elon Musk’s rocket ride — Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year; Tesla Bear Jim Chanos Says He’d Tell Elon Musk ‘Job Well Done’; Tesla implemented new battery in China without *any* testing.

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Goldman Sachs upgrades Tesla Inc; Mark Spiegel's Twitter Account Suspended

Goldman Sachs upgraded Tesla yesterday – see below for screenshots of the beginning of the report.

In response, Tesla uber-bear Mark Spiegel tweeted:

goldman sachs tesla

Then, after Jim Cramer defended the GS analyst, Spiegel tweeted this reply:

goldman sachs tesla

Shortly thereafter, Spiegel’s account was suspended and he received this email from Twitter:

goldman sachs tesla

Spiegel has filed an appeal, which I think should be granted and his account reinstated.

While Spiegel’s language is colorful (to say the least), he is certainly not promoting violence against, nor threatening, nor harassing the GS analyst, Mark Delaney, who of course knew that his report was sure to trigger strong reactions from the many folks who are bearish on Tesla.

Rather, in using the word “whore” (selling yourself for money), Spiegel simply expressed (very strongly!) his opinion that Delaney’s upgrade was influenced by his desire to curry favor with the company to better position Goldman to do investment banking business with Tesla.

Whether this is true is impossible to know – but there’s no doubt that such behavior is, unfortunately, par for the course on Wall Street…


Elon Musk's Rocket Ride -- Fortune's Businessperson Of The Year

1) Fortune just named Elon Musk its Businessperson of the Year – full text below of the article. Well deserved…

2) Even long-time TSLA bear Jim Chanos agrees: Tesla Bear Jim Chanos Says He’d Tell Elon Musk ‘Job Well Done’

3) From a friend:

Tesla implemented new battery in China without *any* testing: Report

This seems aggressive and appears to have mis-fired:

Tesla’s LFP project was rushed. 21700 battery development cycle was 23 months, LFP’s was under 12 months, former Tesla employee that recently resigned from the company says.

A source inside CATL revealed that 9 months passed from the moment Tesla said it wanted LFP battery to the moment mass production started. Vehicle tests, component DV/PV tests were omitted, the inside source said while another source revealed that Tesla does not have vehicle test team in China.

Without proper testing, that's when you get things like the Thalidomide scandal from 1960: