Go Paperless In 2013 With These Tips

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Going paperless in this digital age is not that hard as you might think. In this New Year, you must have prepared a list of New Year resolutions, but if you forgot to add a resolution to use as less paper as possible, then it’s not too late to add it in the list.

Paperless2013.org offers free tools to help consumers and small businesses make the transition to a paperless life.

Talking about the statistics, then according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the average US office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year. In the year 2010 alone, the amount of paper recovered for recycling averaged 334 pounds for each person living in the US, according to the American Forest & Paper Association.

Going completely paperless is not possible as there are tickets, bills, legal documents, business cards and more, but we can at least try our bit to use as less paper as possible.

You can sign-up on Paperless2013.org for monthly tips and articles on how to make 2013 a paperless year for your business.

Go Paperless In 2013 With These Tips

This campaign will be running for the entire year. When you talk about going paperless, use the hashtag #Paperless2013 on Twitter.

The Paperless initiative consists of:

Google Drive: Upload, store, sync and share your files on the cloud with Google Drive. There are apps available for Android and iOS devices.

HelloSign: Sign signatures on documents and make the paperless office a reality. HelloSign is available for iPhone and iPad.

Fujitsu ScanSnap: Scan those important documents and never use those again. You can scan your bills, documents, business cards and more.

Expensify: Manage your expense records from the web or from your smartphone with iOS and Android apps.

Manilla: Manilla helps you manage bills online. It gathers all the information and puts it in one secure place that is available 24/7.

Xero: Xero is an accounting software that helps you manage your payment without paper.

HelloFax: You can send and receive faxes using HelloFax. There’s also a Chrome extension.

These tools will help you manage your paperless life in a better way. So, are you going to take this initiative? Let us know your thoughts.

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