GMeet: Google’s New Teleconferencing App

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In the it’s just a rumor but makes sense category, we have a report that a new Google meeting app looks like its getting ready to launch. According to Tech News Today, a Google+ member named Florian Kiersch is reporting that there is a live version of a new app named GMeet (or Google Meetings) available to Googlers and those with access to specific event codes. The new Gmeet app has some similarities to Google Hangouts, but is believed to be a standalone meetings app.

Further details on new GMeet app

In a major step forward for ease of use, apparently the new app only requires one click to join a conference call. Other teleconferencing apps today require users to enter a phone number to dial in. With GMeet, a user just chooses a meeting topic within the app and then invites other users to the call. Based on the available information, it looks like GMeet will also permit users to schedule conference calls.

However, the purpose behind developing another conference app similar to Google Hangouts is unclear as are many other details about the app.

It’s possible the new app is intended as an enterprise collaboration tool, meaning Google is looking to compete with (or replace) traditional teleconferencing platforms. On the other hand, it could be an app that was simply developed for internal company communication purposes.

Obviously, GMeet could be intended for internal usage given that the only people who can currently log into the app and use it are Google employees. That said, the real reason that Google only allows limited access to GMeet could be to avoid prying eyes and prevent leaks about a future product release.

Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait and see if Google releases GMeet to the public to find out more details about the new app.

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