Global Gold Demand Trend In 2015 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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The World Gold Council today releases its Gold Demand Trends Full Year 2015 report, which is the leading industry resource for data and opinion on global gold demand. Our quarterly publication examines demand trends by sector as well as geography. The Full Year report looks at patterns of demand for the fourth quarter of 2015, as well as across the entire year.

The key findings from 2015 are as follows:

  • Global gold demand in 2015 was virtually flat compared to 2014 at 4,212 tonnes. Gold demand in Q4 showed further positive signs, following a strong third quarter. In India both the investment (60t) and jewellery (173t) sectors were up 6%, boosted by the festival season. In China, which has witnessed economic turmoil, consumer uncertainty and currency weakness, gold demand held up well, particularly in the investment sector up 25% to 48t for the quarter.
  • Global investment demand for the full year 2015 grew by 8% to 878t from 815t in 2014. Bar and coin demand remained steady in 2015 as investors took advantage of a weaker price in Q3. The ETF market saw a slowdown in outflows: 133t in 2015, compared to 185t in 2014.  Q4 2015 witnessed a continuation of this trend with a number of key regions experiencing double digit growth.
  • Overall jewellery demand for the full year 2015 was down 3% to 2,415t from 2,481t in the previous year. Following a slower start to the year, the third and fourth quarters combined produced the strongest second half-year total for gold jewellery in 11 years. Q4 2015, saw steady levels of jewellery demand, at 671t compared to 677t in the same period last year, with retailers reporting an increase in sales around the Indian festival period.
  • Central Bank demand for the full year 2015 saw a small uptick from 584t in 2014 to 588t in 2015 as the need for further diversification was reinforced by a tumbling oil price and reduced confidence in the global economy. Demand in Q4 continued to be strong, up 25% to 167t from 134t in Q4 2014, making this the 20th consecutive quarter of net purchasing.

In addition, below you can see the GDT FY 2015 infographic, summarizing the report’s key findings.

Global Gold Demand Trend In 2015

Global Gold Demand Trend In 2015 Infographic

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