Surprise! The All-Glass iPhone 8 Has A Shatter Problem

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The new iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models are now out and available for purchase which means, inevitably, a few of them will be dropped. Dropping a smartphone is never advisable. Those expensive little devices are not cheap to repair or replace. Still, it’s good to know how well your device can handle some abuse should the situation arise and, surprise: the iPhone 8 shatter problem is a real concern.

Squaretrade put the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus through the paces that simulate various levels of abuse that a smartphone may go through in its lifetime. It should come as no surprise that the all-glass iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus devices are not exactly resistant to damage after being dropped. With that said, the devices are pretty much on par with competing flagships like the Galaxy Note 8. It’s not like you can avoid these issues by choosing a different smartphone.

In the tests, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus perform fairly well when they get dropped on the sides of the device. Of course, I don’t recommend testing this at home on your own device. The iPhone 8 shatter problem shows up when the device is dropped on the front or back. Wireless charging is a great feature addition but it makes having a glass or plastic backside a necessity. Plastic doesn’t exactly scream “high end device” so glass is what Apple (and other manufacturers) chose.

Okay… Phones sometimes get dropped and shatter. It happens. So how easy is it to repair your device when your iPhone 8 shatter problem appears? All I have to say is, “Good luck with that.” iFixit rates the iPhone 8 repair ability as “very difficult.” So, pretty much, you will be taking it to the Apple Store for repair. If you had the foresight to buy Applecare then the payment to repair your device is $100. If you need an entire replacement then you are looking at $349 for the iPhone 8 and $399 for the iPhone 8 Plus.

Now that we have covered that dropping your iPhone 8 is not a great thing to do, what is the solution? Protect your device with a case! Now that smartphone prices are getting as high as $999 for the iPhone X base model; a smartphone case is pretty much an essential purchase these days. Wondering what case to buy? We’ve got you covered with our list of best iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus cases. Going naked with a smartphone these days is a level of bravery that I cannot imagine.

The moral of this story? The iPhone 8 shatter problem is real but it’s no worse than any other flagship device out there on the market. Durability shouldn’t be a deciding factor when choosing an iPhone over other comparable devices. Get a case, protect your expensive device, and if you don’t want a case on your device then you better have a pretty tight grip on your phone. One drop could cost you a few hundred dollars even if you have Applecare. Play it safe, save the money.

Do you go “naked” with your smartphone? Do you buy extended warranty or insurance? Let us know in the comments below!

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