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Bill Gates once said: “The Internet is becoming the town square of the global village of tomorrow.” With gigabit speed, Internet service is going to take another dimension, and it is going to change from what it was before. Gigabit speed back in 2010 was only available for the governmental entities and businesses in the capital region. However, Verizon started offering 1Gbps service to residential customers subscribed to the FiOS networks that are only available in a few parts of the country.

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Providers like Google Fiber and AT&T are the first ones to reach the Gigabit milestone, but now, Spectrum by Charter Communications is also a part of the same Gigabit race.

Earlier this week the cable company announced the launching of the 1-gigabit downloading speed. For the new customers, the Spectrum Giga bite per second connection is available at $104.99 per month while the current subscribers are only required to pay $114.99.

A gigabit is equal to 1000 mega bite per second. Spectrum is reported to deploy DOCSIS 3.1 Technology from 1.0/1.X version. This next DOCSIS will allow more symmetrical downloads and uploads. The standard plans by other Cable companies are far from offering symmetry when it comes to Internet efficiency. “The customers who are looking forward to transitioning to gigabit speed need a professional installation rather than their yards torn apart” said by the Charter Communication spokesperson Lara Pritchard.

The FCC (Federal Communications Commissions) recently published a statistics according to which in the mid of 2016 more than 21% of census blocks did not have even a single Provider that offers 25Mbps or faster downloading Speed.

As per Matthew Berry the FCC chief of staff: “Charter is investing more in its broadband and workforce due to the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom” and last year’s tax reform legislation.”

In reality, Charter cable has raised its expenditure while the net neutrality rules still in place. The expenses have gone from $7.5 billion in 2016 to $8.7 billion in 2017, the net neutrality repel was passed in the December of 2017 but still, now there hasn’t any action taken yet.

With, customers will be able to access the faster Internet with powerful connectivity that makes it easy for the users to stream videos, playing online games, and downloading files on multiple devices. The plans from Charter have opened the service to most of the resident for the first time.


So far, The Company is willingly offering the gigabit speed in new markets and 8 million homes and business. The new market is Austin, Hawaii, Kansas City, Cincinnati, and Oahu.

The Gigabit offer holds no data caps or any contract; it also includes the modem and free in-home Wi-Fi with the money back guarantee. Besides that with 1Gbps downloading speed users can also access an upload speed of 35Mbps that used to be 10 Mbps in the old connections.

Gigabit Spectrum is going to be released throughout 41 States where Spectrum offers their Internet Service. According to a company’s representative, all regions and cities are going to have access to fast internet connection by the end of 2018. Spectrum has been in the community for some time now and delivered in the best technology of the area according to Laura Pritchard. She also pointed out the that Spectrum made significant achievements over the course of 6 months including switching to all digital channels that freed up space for broadband. It immediately increased the Internet speed from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps for both residential and existing customers.

According to a report by the Deloitte Global stated that in the year of 2016, the number of the gigabit internet connections is going to surge to 10 million. By the end of this year, this number is going to increase tenfold times. The reporter also said: “Although a Gigabit connection for a single device might be overkill, consumers are likely to continue accumulating the connected devices in the long term.”


Beginning from the price of $105 and going to $125

As the service started, the Spectrum claimed that it would cost $104.99 to the user in December. This price is quite high when compared with other fiber internet service that provider gigabit services like Google fiber that charge only $70.

The cable price varies from location to location and depends highly on competition and other enigmatic factors. $124.99 is what presumably the charter customers will pay once the promotional offer expires. You might be spending the additional charge, but the FCC eradicated a requirement that ISPs be more transparent with its users regarding the hidden costs.

Although the price for now is expected to increase but in near future, we might see a drastic fall in the cost of 1 gig internet service.


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