Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus Preorders To Ship Ahead Of Scheduled Time

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The Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus was expected to ship in a month or so, but some customers have received some good news.

The jet black colorway is a new addition to the Apple lineup, and has garnered significant interest from buyers. Supply constraints had meant that Apple promised to ship their devices some time in October or November, but it looks like shipments could be made earlier than that, according to Juli Clover of MacRumors.

Apple customers receive encouraging news on shipping

Buyers started contacting the site this morning, reporting that they would now get their Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus devices within a few days. One reader, known as Daniel, was told to expect his Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus some time in November, but will now get his hands on it this Tuesday.

Another customer had a scheduled delivery date of October 4-10, but has now been told to expect his Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus on Wednesday. Other users have taken to Twitter to report that they have received similarly accelerated delivery timetables.

The new colorway from Apple has a mirror-like finish coupled with a deep black color. Since the release of the iPhone 7 it has proven to be one of the most popular choice with buyers.

Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus going out ahead of schedule

Apple gets the shiny finish by using a different anodization process than with other colors. This could explain why the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus is harder to come by.

The revised shipping estimates are sure to put a smile on the face of those customers who thought they were in for a long wait. Within minutes of pre-orders opening for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus on September 9, delivery estimates slipped rapidly.

Should Apple be able to improve supply chain issues still further, more and more people could find themselves with their new Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus ahead of schedule. Orders placed today on the Apple website still have delivery estimates of November.

iPhone 7 Plus outsells standard model in first 48 hours

Users who already have the jet black finish have reported that it scratches very easily. This is apparently due to its finish. However it doesn’t appear to have put people off from buying the new colorway. Perhaps some are going to use a case, but then that would cover up the sought after new color.

Interestingly enough data from Slice Intelligence suggests that the iPhone 7 Plus sold more than the iPhone 7 in the United States in the first 48 hours of availability. This is the first time that the larger model has outsold the standard model.

The findings are based on e-receipt data from almost 32,000 customers on the panel. Interest in the iPhone 7 Plus is likely being boosted due to the inclusion of a dual-camera system, in comparison to the single lens on the standard iPhone 7.

Data shows that 23% of customers selected the Jet Black colorway, although others may have been encouraged to choose an alternative due to delivery delays.

In terms of storage, 128GB was the most popular option. While 67% of customers chose this option, 14% chose 32GB and 19% chose 256GB.

Reports of susceptibility to scratching don’t seem to have dampened interest in the Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus. However there may be a wave of complaints from customers who are shocked at the deterioration of their handset if they don’t protect it with a case.


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