How To Get The iPhone X Notch On Your Android Phone

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Some iPhone X users love the notch while others just hate it. Many initially complained that the iPhone X notch ruined the user experience, but they have gotten used to it. The top cutout is an iPhone X exclusive feature, without which the phone’s front panel would be all-glass. It houses the TrueDepth camera, the ear speaker, and other sensors. The curious Android owners can now also try the notch without switching to iOS or spending $999.

XOutOf10 brings the iPhone X notch to Android

Android users admit that the iPhone X looks beautiful even with the weird top notch. For Android fans who want to try the iPhone X notch on their phones, a developer has built an app that creates the iPhone X-like top cutout on your phone. And yes, it also gives an opportunity to troll your iPhone fanatic friends.

The app is called “XOutOf10,” and is available for download on GitHub (via Mashable). You can also download it directly from the Google Play Store. The developer claims the app is compatible with Android Marshmallow and later. It doesn’t actually do anything. The app merely adds a black space around the top of the display to give the notch-like appearance. The developer says the “average Android user” had a laugh on iPhone X buyers about the notch. But Android users won’t have to shell out $999 “just to test it.”

If you were considering switching from Android to iPhone X, the app would give you an idea of whether you are comfortable with the notch. While it may appear a bit weird design choice, Apple says it was necessary. The iPhone X notch houses many sensors including the dot projector that throws 30,000 infrared dots on your face for authentication.

Want to get rid of that notch?

If you have purchased the iPhone X and didn’t like the notch, you can hide it using an app. Apple’s app store guidelines clearly state that developers should not put black bars at the top or bottom of the screen. But the company seems to have realized that a lot of people do not like the notch. It affects the user experience especially while watching videos or playing games.

That’s why Apple made an exception to its own rule, and approved an app called Notch Remover for the App Store. Priced at $0.99, the app does not remove the notch. Instead, it places a black bar at the top of the screen that seamlessly blends with the notch. One drawback of the Notch Remover app is that it reduces the screen size. If you don’t mind the slightly reduced screen space, it’s an incredibly good option to hide the iPhone X notch.

iPhone X is one of the best inventions of this year

Last week, Time magazine included iPhone X in the list of 25 best inventions of 2017. The magazine praised the anniversary iPhone for its beautiful design, Face ID facial recognition system, and augmented reality features. In an interview with Time, Apple’s design chief Jony Ive said the company had to make many tough choices while developing the iPhone X.

Ive told Time that removal of the home button meant Apple had to rethink every aspect of the phone’s interface. The home button had been around since the original iPhone. They had to rethink how users would perform all the basic tasks easily. Killing the home button was a tough choice, but it was necessary to move on to build the “smartphone of the future.” The iPhone X relies on swipe gestures to navigate the user interface.

He added that it was never about ditching an existing feature or technology. Instead, it’s about accepting that what seems familiar isn’t always the best. Holding on to a familiar feature or technology for too long would lead you “to failure.” It helps explain why Apple killed the 3.5mm headphone jack with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. A year later, Google also dropped the audio jack from its flagship smartphones.

Many Apple fans have complained that the iPhone X is way too expensive. The phone’s higher price tag can be attributed to the Face ID technology and the new OLED display. Talking to the Time magazine, Jony Ive said there is a “financial consequence” to adding so much processing power and so many features into such a small device.

Despite its $999 starting price, the iPhone X has been flying off the shelves since launch. Apple has ramped up production, and improved the delivery estimates to just 2-3 weeks from the previous 4-6 weeks. Telecom carriers expect the demand to remain strong through the first quarter of 2018. T-Mobile CFO Braxton Carter told investors that a large chunk of the iPhone X demand would “roll over” into the early 2018.

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