How To Get The iPhone 7 Or 7 Plus On Launch Day Without A Preorder

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Apple’s iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hit store shelves tomorrow! Here’s how you can go about trying to get one if you didn’t preorder one.

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus pre-orders

Both of Apple’s latest handsets became available for preorder last Friday, and within just a few minutes of the opening, many of the models were sold out. So there are probably hundreds of thousands of Apple fans out there who could not preorder on launch day.

In fact, Apple said last week that it is going to have some serious supply issues, and rumors suggest that Apple will not hold its traditional opening weekend sale next week. So unless you got up early on September 9, it’s likely that you either don’t have an iPhone 7 coming your way on Friday, or you had to settle for a model you did not really want.

However, if you didn’t manage to preorder, there are ways you could still get an iPhone 7 tomorrow.

How to get an iPhone 7 on Launch day

You have three options to get yourself a new iPhone. The first is visiting an Apple Store, but your best bet will be the big, busy stores that will have an enormous amount of stock, especially for those who didn’t preorder. Unfortunately, the problem with this option is that on launch day, the first port of call is usually the Apple Store.

So if you’re reading this and the handset has not been launched yet, get yourself to the store now! If you can’t do that, head out as early as you can tomorrow. If you’re lucky, the store will not have sold out by the time you get to the sales desk.

The second option was brought to the attention of the masses by a former AT&T sales associate. Apparently, carrier stores will get a significant amount of iPhones on launch day. So while the majority of people head on over to their nearest Apple Store, you could try a carrier instead. However, this option does not mean you can take it easy. If you’re serious about getting an iPhone 7 tomorrow, leave home early and be prepared to wait.

Try an authorized retailer

If you like to follow the crowd, you will probably end up at an Apple Store tomorrow. However, if you can think outside of the box, why not try your local retailer. There’s a good chance that most won’t, which will significantly increase your chances of getting an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Final thoughts

Whatever you decide to do on Friday, there’s a good chance that you will have to line up. In fact, the lines have been a feature of every iPhone launch day going back to 2007. So it comes as no surprise that the queue outside of a London Apple Store began to form six days ago.

Happy hunting….

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