Gas Tax Rebate From Missouri: Who Will Get It And How To Claim It

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With stimulus checks nowhere in sight, Americans need to collect any annual benefits provided by their state. One such benefit that some people can collect is the gas tax rebate from Missouri. This gas tax rebate from Missouri helps to compensate drivers for the hike in gas tax.

Gas Tax Rebate From Missouri: Who Will Get It?

Missouri’s gas tax is historically low, making it the 11th cheapest state for purchasing gas. In 2021, however, the state started raising the tax by 2.5 cents on every gallon of gas sold. The first increase hit drivers in October 2021.

Specifically, the state will raise the tax by 12.5 cents over five years, bringing the total state fuel tax to 29.5 cents per gallon by July 2025.

Along with raising the gas tax, Missouri lawmakers also created legislation (Senate Bill 262) to help drivers mitigate the higher costs. Drivers need to apply to get some money back in the form of a gas tax rebate from Missouri.

To qualify for the gas tax rebate from Missouri, cars must be below 26,000 pounds. Drivers also need to save their gas receipts to claim the rebate. Drivers can claim the rebate for gas purchased between Oct. 1, 2022, and July 1, 2023.

Eligible drivers can claim 5 cents back on every gallon of fuel purchased. For instance, someone who purchased 12 gallons every week for a year could get about $30 in rebate. On average, drivers can expect to receive about $50 in gas tax rebate from Missouri.

How To Claim

To receive the rebate for this fiscal year, Missouri drivers must submit the completed form and receipts to the Department of Revenue by October 2. Drivers need to fill out Form 4923-H to claim the rebate. The claim can be processed electronically through an online portal linked on a state website.

To complete the form, drivers need to enter the vehicle identification number, as well as details of each transaction, including date, gallons purchased and seller information. Also, the driver needs to total the number of gallons purchased during the fiscal year to determine the amount eligible for the refund.

It seems most Missouri drivers weren’t aware of or didn’t bother to claim the rebate for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2022. According to the Department of Revenue, it only refunded about $434,000 of an estimated $82 million generated from the increase in the fuel tax.

Further, the department noted that it distributed refunds to 15,590 entities over the last year, including 418 business entities. According to the Missouri DOR, it received 16,218 motor fuel consumer highway claims last fiscal year, while the average refund was $27.86.

This year so far, the DOR has received about 3,453 claims, with the average refund being $47.79. Those who haven’t yet submitted the claim can do so by October 2.