Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9: Three Samsung Phones To Look For In 2018

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The Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 smartphone range will undoubtedly be one of the most important and prestigious in 2018. Samsung will be keen to build on what was an impressive calendar yeah for the Korean consumer electronics giant. And while it has diversified its business over the last few years, its smartphone products remain the most significant and important devices manufactured by the corporation.

Galaxy X

The Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 series will be perhaps dominated by the Galaxy X next year, at least in terms of specifications. This foldable unit will be the surprise release of the calendar year, with consumers excited about the prospect, while also unsure about what to expect.

Samsung has been showing off its foldable technology for several years, with prototypes having appeared at numerous trade shows. However, the Korean company has never previously had the confidence to implement this innovation in a commercial product, but this could be changing in 2018.

Executives have already indicated that some form of foldable technology will be released by Samsung in 2018, meaning that the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 trio is set to be unleashed on the public. Whether the foldable smartphone will really find a market remains to be seen, and this will be one of the intriguing things about the Galaxy S release.

It seems that Samsung will begin with a small-scale native release for this smartphone, focusing on Korea in order to establish whether a Western release is viable. This suggests that the Galaxy X will be a more affordable smartphone despite its unique design, probably with lower specs than either the Galaxy S or Galaxy Note series.

Galaxy S9 And S9 Plus Leak Shows New Color Variants
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Galaxy S9

Of the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 trio, the Galaxy S9 can be considered the banker. Very much the flagship of the Korean Corporation, the Galaxy S series has established itself as the most viable competitor to the iconic iPhone.

Speaking of which, something outstanding will be expected from the Galaxy S9 in 2018, after the Apple iPhone X was so enthusiastically received by both critics and consumers. If Samsung has been a little ahead of Apple in display technology, this has been reversed with the iPhone X, which has been praised for the usual qualities associated with Apple phones, along with its outstanding display.

So at this time, the ball is firmly in Samsung’s court. The Korean electronics giant needs to win consumers back to its mainstream products, yet must demonstrate that they provide a viable alternative to the iPhone X in particular. This will be far from easy, as the Apple smartphone has really impressed even some of the sternest judges.

It is generally believed, though, that there won’t be a significant redesign of the Galaxy S9, after the Galaxy S8 was rather successful for Samsung earlier this year. What is more likely is a raft of spec upgrades, meaning that the lifecycle and capabilities of the S9 should be improved over previous generations.

Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date

Galaxy Note 9

When considering the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 releases, the Galaxy Note 9 can arguably be considered the most impressive of the three, even though it is very early to be looking at its possible specifications. Samsung has focused on delivering its biggest innovations and most impressive features in the Galaxy Note phablet, and this is expected to continue when the Galaxy Note 9 is released.

This means that of the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 trio, the Note 9 is by far the most likely to benefit from 4 resolution technology. This screen resolution was considered to be something of a niche technology fairly recently, but is now beginning to hit the mainstream in a big way. Netflix is streaming an increasing amount of content in 4K, and mainstream cable companies have also embraced the technology, while both Sony and Microsoft have promoted 4K gaming with their respective consoles.

Samsung has long since been linked with 4K resolution in one of its devices, and it does seem that the Galaxy Note 9 would be the obvious candidate. the Korean corporation has become associated with outstanding screen technology, and with the iPhone X putting the pressure on with the iPhone X, now would be the ideal time to break into 4K for the first time with a Samsung mobile release.

Samsung strategy

As Samsung ponders the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 release schedule, it can reasonably be asserted that diversity is becoming an increasingly important part of the smartphone landscape. The cultural power of the smartphone is greater than ever, and this has led to a huge amount of consumer choice in the sphere.

While Samsung enjoyed a spectacular 2017, recovering from the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the position of the company going into the future is still far from certain. Apple and Samsung are well aware that delivering new innovations in the smartphone niche is becoming increasingly challenging. And Samsung faces great rivalry from Apple in the premium space, while numerous affordable alternatives are available in the budget end of the market.

If the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 releases are to be successful for the Korean corporation, they must essentially be all things for people. This means that we could see more devices released in the Galaxy S and Galaxy note ranges that has been the case previously. And there could even be more than one Galaxy X variant released, although this is significantly less likely.

Above all else, Samsung must toil to create three inspirational smartphones, at a time when delivering exciting new features has become nigh on impossible. But if the Galaxy X, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 trio are to maintain Samsung’s gains, they must deliver something that is not already available on the market.

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