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New Rumor Suggests Samsung Galaxy X Release Date, Price

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According to recently filed patents, Samsung has a foldable phone in the works. Industry sources spoke to ETNews about a potential Galaxy X release date in either December or early 2019.

Samsung Galaxy X: A Foldable Phone

Foldable phone technology has been in the works by Samsung for quite some time, with multiple patents filed that could turn into a phone that bends or has multiple screens. Beyond the novelty of flexibility, a foldable phone could serve to increase screen space, which is not possible with our current phones due to their already bulky size. According to ETNews, however, we might not be waiting too much longer before we see a foldable Galaxy X release.

The confidential sources claim that the development of the foldable phone will be completed by March, displays manufactured in September, with the final assembly in November for a December Galaxy X release. There’s also the possibility that the Galaxy X release date will be pushed to early 2018, and the sources seemed unsure as to an exact launch date.

Samsung Galaxy X Release: What We Know

Accompanying this new information regarding the Galaxy X release was some news about the size of the upcoming device’s screen. According to the sources, we’ll see a 7.3-inch flexible OLED screen which folds inward to create a smaller device. Because of the large size of the screen, you’ll likely be using the folded version if you’d like the Galaxy X to function as a regular phone, with the unfolded setup reserved for a tablet-like experience.

The Galaxy X release will likely be a niche product, at least at first, with a limited customer base when compared to the main S and Note lines. Like most new technologies, adaptation at the beginning will probably be lower as the design is viewed as a novelty rather than a must-have for new devices. It remains to be seen whether the Galaxy X release will usher in a new era for smartphones or if it will remain on the sidelines, but there’s no doubt that the demand for a larger screen is still there.

With more and more people relying on their phone as a primary form of entertainment, a larger screen makes for a more enjoyable media experience. As phones become bigger, there’s a certain point where increasing the size makes it increasingly difficult to hold your phone. With some models, it’s already difficult to operate the phone using one hand – not to mention fitting the device comfortably in your pocket. The Galaxy X release may bring foldable tech that allows customers to use their device as a tablet of sorts while flipping it down to phone size while they’re on the go.

Rumors regarding the Galaxy X release also suggest that the phone may be pretty pricey, and may actually be more expensive than their current flagships. This reinforces the idea that the phone may be a niche product, with the combination of a unique new tech and a price tag that may make the phone inaccessible to many users – especially those in countries where the practice of leasing a phone isn’t commonplace. Still, for techies who want to experience the first implementation of a brand new technology and can afford to drop a good amount on a new phone, a Galaxy X release offers a breath of fresh air in a sea of devices that are starting to look all too similar.

A Potential Win For Samsung

After the release of the iPhone X, Apple has established themselves as the top innovator in this generation of smartphones. While Samsung has seen incredible sales with their current generation of phones, the fact remains that they haven’t really done anything extraordinary with their past couple launches. After the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, the Note 8 was a major upgrade and is performing quite well, but “doesn’t explode” isn’t really enough to make the phone stand out when compared to competitors that are doing something new.

If Samsung is to hold onto their reputation as one of the top smartphone manufacturers, they need to do something new to keep up with Apple. A Galaxy X release in the near future would be an incredible opportunity for the Korean smartphone giant to prove that they have some top-notch tech up their sleeves.

It’s important to keep in mind that these rumors haven’t been confirmed, but considering patents have been filed for a foldable screen, the Galaxy X release is looking very likely. Whether that release is truly coming at the end of this year or the beginning of next year is still up in the air, but if the tech is developed enough to be patented it’s a real possibility that the world’s first phone with a bendable screen may be coming sooner rather than later.

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