Galaxy X Release Date Hinted In New Leaks

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Earlier this month we got to meet the iPhone X. Since imitation is the ultimate form of flattery we can only assume that everyone, including Apple’s Tim Cook, is excited to learn the the Samsung Galaxy X appears to be a real thing and could be coming sooner than we thought. The Galaxy X rumor mill is starting to get up to speed and it all began with news that the Galaxy X had been certified in South Korea – the home of Samsung. Does any of this information tell us the Samsung Galaxy X release date?

The truth is… Not exactly. The Galaxy X release date could be anytime from early 2018 until sometime in 2019. However, the timing of these leaks and the dates about the certification is interesting. Samsung is clearly serious about bringing the foldable Galaxy X smartphone to the world or else they wouldn’t be going through the process of certification. It’s one thing to do up concepts and file patents but it’s an entirely different thing to actually file for certification. This tells us that Samsung is ready for a release soon. The only question is: when will be the Galaxy X release date?

If you were hoping to see something in time for Christmas you may have to adjust your expectations quite a bit. Usually, devices that are within a month or two of releasing are leaked until the entire surprise is pretty much ruined. Just look back at how many articles we wrote about the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone X this summer. There was almost no detail that wasn’t leaked about those devices prior to launch. If the Galaxy X release date was going to fall sometime in October or November then we would know about it by now. We would have seen photos and marketing materials. That just hasn’t happened so we can be very confident that the Galaxy X is not coming in 2017.

We also have to consider the dates of Samsung smartphone launches. The Galaxy Note 8 has only been out in the hands of buyers for about a week. The device is brand new and it is the hottest thing that Samsung has out right now. Why would they cut the legs out from under one of their biggest flagship launches? That would eat into their own profits and divide attention between their devices. Samsung will allow the Galaxy Note 8 to be this fall’s darling smartphone. The Galaxy X release date will almost surely be sometime in 2018.

So, let’s look ahead. What is coming in 2018? Well, we know that Samsung likes to release the new version of the Galaxy S in early Spring. The Galaxy S9 is almost surely coming within a similar time frame as the Galaxy S8 and it’s doubtful that Samsung would want to mess with a formula that works. This means that March and April will likely be dedicated to the launch and release of the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy X can’t compete with Samsung’s most popular line of devices. So, where does that leave us?

Samsung, as I see it, has two options for the Galaxy X. Launch the device early in the year around January which would allow for a Galaxy X release date sometime in February. However, that still seems to close to the Galaxy S9 launch for me. What is more likely is that Samsung holds off until after the Galaxy S9 release to show off the Galaxy X. After all, why show off the latest in smartphone display technology before you release an update to the same design from a year earlier? In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a similar strategy that the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are using. The iPhone 8 will be released well before the iPhone X just like the Galaxy S9 will be released well before the Galaxy X.

The final question is whether people will embrace the Galaxy X. I have to admit, I’m hesitant about the design. On one had; it’s exciting to see some true innovation in smartphone design. A foldable display? That’s unique. However, a foldable display also sounds really gimmicky. It’s likely that the Galaxy X will also cost substantially more than the Galaxy S9, making it a device that’s more geared toward dedicated Samsung fans (some people call them “brand ambassadors”).

Whatever happens: don’t count on a Galaxy X release date any time in 2017. We simply haven’t had enough leaks about the device to suggest an impending release is ready to go. Plus, Samsung is focusing on selling as many Galaxy Note 8 devices in the lead up to the holiday season. We will likely have to wait until the new year for the Galaxy X to be officially revealed. If I was a betting man, I would say that the device is coming after the Galaxy S9 in the late Spring or early Summer of 2018. However, an early 2018 reveal could also work if Samsung doesn’t mind potentially taking some attention away from the very popular Galaxy S launch. If you have been saving your money for a foldable smartphone then it looks like you will have a little longer to set aside some spare change.

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