Can The Galaxy X Foldable Smartphone Compete With The iPhone X?

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There has been considerable speculation surrounding the prospect of a Galaxy X foldable smartphone, though this hasn’t extended beyond rumors until this week. Recently, Let’s Go Digital released a report which confirms another Samsung gadget recently received accreditation from the National Radio Agency, from South Korea.

The news left fans wondering whether the Galaxy X foldable smartphone has been accredited, an exciting vision which would revolutionize the way we use smartphones. Though nothing has been confirmed, the gossip surrounding Samsung’s venture has given the conversation new life, and the concept itself is exciting technology enthusiasts across the globe.

Imagine a Galaxy X foldable smartphone you could fold, that regains its shape on demand? The technology would require a pivot and an expansive screen, and would amaze consumers in a mind-boggling faction. Who knows, perhaps the Galaxy X foldable smartphone is the phone of the future, and will require Apple to rethink their strategy entirely. Regardless, 2018 is set to be an exciting year for technology, where companies will have the capacity to create products of the future, today.

The handset that recently received accreditation is related to the model number SM-G888N0, and that same model received accreditation in July. This implies notable advancements have occurred since, especially considering gadgets normally only receive an NRA endorsement. There is reason to believe the handset will support Bluetooth 4.2 and Android 6.0.1, though since these were recently replaced by Bluetooth 5.0 and Android 8.0 Oreo, the handset will probably support both versions upon release, to avoid compatibility issues.

The Galaxy X foldable smartphone is currently tipped for a mid 2018 release, and the potential applications for the pioneering software are staggering. With the NRA endorsement obtained, Samsung are optimally placed to differentiate from Apple with their foldable technology, which would turn the smartphone market on its head.

Though the Samsung Galaxy S9 is yet to be uncovered, the progressive nature of the technology market is always one step ahead, and there will probably be more news available on both the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy X foldable smartphone at Barcelona’s yearly Mobile World Congress tech trade show. This will be great timing to rival and compete with Apple’s new rollout plan, where the iPhone X is currently receiving the most headlines having just been released.

The Galaxy X foldable smartphone has been rumored as a secret project for some time, and if we’re right in assuming it’s currently in the works, the phone would utilize a flexible display to create a smartphone that could hinge, and conveniently compact for ease of carrying. Featuring a curvature of 3R that’s inwardly foldable, the Galaxy X foldable smartphone will roll inwards, enabling you to close the phone accordingly. Additionally, there were reports Samsung were working on both inward and outward folding designs, though their research indicates the inward folding design is the method they’ll pursue.

Once Samsung have overcome hurdles during development, the Galaxy X foldable smartphone will hit the market, and though information is scarce, I think we can safely assume it will be a high-end phone. Whether it’s launched alongside the Galaxy S9 remains to be seen, but this would make sense regarding Apple’s 2017 rollout plan, where they released three phones in one year. It is yet to be observed whether Samsung is capable of keeping up with Apple’s new 3D face recognition and bezel-less screen, but given Samsung’s lucrative research and development procedures, we’re confident they’ll continue to compete, and additionally bring new features and concepts to the equation.

The launch date for the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone is a mystery, but with recent speculation there is reason to believe the phone will certainly be released during 2018. One thing we do know, Samsung has been working on foldable OLED screens for some time, and this will impact the design, cameras, sensors, hardware, and functionality of future models.

I hope you have found this article on the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone useful, and though there is limited information at present, I hope you appreciate us bringing the topic to your attention. If you’d like to learn more about the Samsung Galaxy X foldable smartphone, have any questions, or would simply like to contribute to the conversation, please comment below to kick-start the discussion.

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