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Samsung’s latest flagship handsets the Galaxy S8 and Plus aren’t available to own, yet rumors of their successors are circling. Called the Galaxy S9 and Probably the S9 Plus, it’s being suggested that the preliminary work on production is underway. Which if accurate, is a massive leak, considering it may deter people from purchasing the current waiting in line flagships.

Galaxy S9 Production

As for what is known about the possibly two S9’s, there’s as you expected, not a lot. However, if their production is underway, the fact that we’re discussing it means Samsung has a problem. One that indicates, it has people close to it who can not keep a secret. Look back at how much was known about the S8 and S8 Plus. And you will soon realize Samsung has a problem with information.

Moving onto production, you’re probably wondering, “Why so early?” The answer to that according to BGR is because Samsung has a renewed sense of production quality. This apparently came into being after the debacle that was the Galaxy Note 7, and its subsequent recall. In fact, we recently reported on the companies new approach to rigorous testing with the rumored Note 8. So, it can pretty much be concluded that this approach will be transferred to all future smartphone production.

However, to back up the early Galaxy S9 production rumors, South Korean site recently stepped into the fray. And has suggested that sources close to Samsung passed on the following information:

“Galaxy S9 display samples are already under development and reached a production stage at the end of March. Those samples should be ready by mid-April” a source claimed. “Around a month later, other components should begin to enter the development stage.”

Right now, the above is all that is known about the next S-Line Samsung coming from what’s supposedly close to official channels. As for further speculation, read on for what we and others would like to see.

Galaxy S9 Spec and Features

As we eluded to above, the following pieces of information should be taken with a pinch of salt, as they are based on speculation. However, as has been previously proved, of late the majority of speculation at least about Samsung flagships proves to be accurate. So here goes…

Display Embedded FingerPrint Sensor

If there was one rumor that has proven to be inaccurate about the Galaxy S8’s that is the position of their fingerprint sensors. It had been thought that Samsung would embed this tech into the handsets displays. However, problems with doing this have caused the sensor to be placed onto the rear of the devices.

As for the Galaxy S9, it’s thought those problems will eventually be overcome in time to see it included. Yes, this may come after Apple’s iPhone 8 is launched with a rumored Touch ID embedded into the display. But, there’s the chance a Note 8 may see it, which at least will keep Samsung in the race this year.

Dual-Lens Camera

Another feature which failed to materialize on the S8’s was the Dual-Lens camera. Many thought this would lead to a Samsung device which offered similar photography effects as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus or the LG G6. Unfortunately, that has not happened; instead, we’ve been given a software update to what is essentially the S7 Edge camera.

Will Samsung be bolder with the Galaxy S9? We certainly hope so, after all, it can not allow itself to be left behind by its rivals.

Foldable Display

It seems as though a decade has passed since we first saw the video of a Samsung foldable phone on YouTube. What happened, why no foldable phone yet? We can’t honestly answer that, but it seems as though those clamshell designs of the early 2000’s weren’t an option. Instead, the company has preferred to work on the tech aiming for a truly foldable phone, display and all!

Could the Galaxy S9 be the handsets? Apparently, not, according to a company executive, who recently told the press that 2019 is the year. The year that the first real foldable displayed smartphone will hit the market, will it be the rumored Galaxy X? We will have to wait and see.

Increased RAM

Disappointing was the word on the lips of many industry critics when Samsung revealed the details of the S8 and S8 Plus RAM capacities. 4GB is what is included, while enough for every day hungry applications and general use, that’s last years norm? Why give your latest flagship a chipset upgrade and not a RAM upgrade? The answer is a relatively simple one for those who have a basic understanding. It seems as though the South Korean Giant is happy with the handsets and their performance. However, as recent speed test have revealed, the iPhone 7 Plus is faster.

So, with handsets launched in 2016 like the LG G5, OnePlus 3T, Huawei P9 and its own S7 Edge matching the S8’s or surpassing it. What will the Galaxy S9 have, will it stick with what Samsung believes is a minimal requirement?

We don’t think so, the S9 will be a handset launched at a time when mobile VR has truly taken off. As such the masses will be calling out for truly native 4K, which are power, and processor hungry displays. Meaning that RAM will have to be given a boost, we predict at least 6GB; however, we would prefer 8GB.

Price and Release Date

It goes without saying; it’s not going to be cheap; however, rumors are suggesting it could be around $720 USD, £689 GBP, $1,199 AU. We have to say for a price that high we’d want more than a new version of the Infinity display.

As for a release date, if the Galaxy S9 doesn’t end up being the foldable smartphone of the future, we would expect a 2018 release. Probably sometime around March or April, which pretty much follows Samsung’s usual pattern.

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