Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 7 vs. Galaxy S8+ vs. iPhone 7 Plus [Size Comparison]

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If you’re a fan of Samsung‘s S-line of smartphones, you’ve no doubt been following the evolving story that is the Galaxy S8. Not a day seems to go by, and a new leak or rumor hits the internet. So, needless to say, you’re probably quite up to speed with that latest news. However, there maybe one small detail you could have missed in the past 24-hours. And that’s the images that have been leaked about the Galaxy S8 size.

Galaxy S8 Size Compared

There’s been a trend over the last few years by manufacturers to drive down the size of their handsets. That means, they’ve been getting thinner, lighter and smaller. All without compromising large screen real estate. In fact, the holy grail of mobile technology at the moment is to create a handset which has a face that’s all screen. So, while the display gets taller and wider, the handset can lose some width.

Regarding that thing, you may have missed, a recent leak provided by Steve Hemmerstoffer has revealed the Galaxy S8 size. Additionally, it has compared it to its larger sibling the S8+, the Note 7, and Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

Size’s Compared

Hemmerstoffer first shared/leaked this comparison information on Twitter a couple of days ago (see the Tweet below). And while there’s very little technical detail included in it, we have been able to do a size comparison. Which as promised has made is possible to see how the Galaxy S8 size compares to that of the other flagships that will be around at the same time.

Thanks to these wireframe style images it’s possible to determine that the S8 is narrower than the previous two standard S-line devices. That’s the S7 and S6. In fact, it comes in at a full 2.5mm narrower than the S6 which measured 70.5mm wide. As for how it compares to its already widely accepted as larger S8+ sibling, the details are as follows: Width the S8 is 68mm and the S8+ 74mm. Height: The S8 is 148.90mm and the S8+ 159mm, which makes the Galaxy S8+ considerably the larger of the two devices.

Now comparing the Galaxy S8 size to the previous generation in both height and width reveals that it is a slimmer but taller handset. With the details being as follows: Width: The S8 is 68mm, and the S7 is 69.6. Height: The S8 is 148.90mm, and the S7 comes in at 142.4mm which means the new device when launched will be easier to handle.

Compared to iPhone 7 and 7 Plus

If you’ve been seduced by the race for an improved screen-to-body ratio, you may be thinking about 2016’s iPhone’s. However, before you right of Samsung’s soon to be released handsets, here are the size comparisons.

What’s surprising about the leaked images is they show the Galaxy S8 size to be taller than its counterpart iPhone. Additionally, the S8 is wider than the standard 7 at 68mm compared to 67.10mm.

However, when compared to the 7 Plus, the S8 is both narrower and shorter, the figures for this are Height: The S8 comes in at 148.90mm, and the 7 Plus 158.20mm meaning the iPhone is easily the bigger! As for width, the S8 is 68mm wide, and the 7 Plus 77.90 meaning it’s a girthy device.

So, there you have it, the Galaxy S8 size compared to what will likely be its early rivals. Will you be waiting for Samsung’s Unpacked event in NewYork? If that’s a “Yes” the event will take place on March 29th which is in just over three weeks time.

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