Galaxy S8 Users Are Reporting Pixel Burn On Their Handsets Display

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Samsung is under the watchful gaze of the world right now, what with last year’s problems, it can’t afford its latest, the Galaxy S8 to fall foul of issues. However, recent reports from disgruntled consumers have pointed to exactly that. With the companies, flagship appearing to have multiple problems, the latest being pixel burn.

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Galaxy S8 Pixel Burn What We Know

Less than 24-hours ago a South Korean Galaxy S8 owner took to a well-known internet forum to complain about pixel burn. The user uploaded images of his/her handset’s display to prove it was indeed true. Reporting on this, The Investor, claims the owner of the S8 had only had the device for one week and wanted help.

As for where on the handsets display the burn appeared. Apparently, it was where the pressure-sensitive on-screen home button is, the part that is powered by the Always On technology.

What Is A Pixel Burn?

The Galaxy S8 incorporates Super-AMOLED technology into its display. AMOLED stands for active matrix organic light-emitting diode, and it is with this that the pixel burn is causing concern. Typically it occurs when a static image remains on screen for too long, or for whatever reason irregular pixel use occurs.

As for this Galaxy, S8 Pixel burn, this is not the first time it has come to light. It first appeared a few days ago, when a Dutch S8 owner reported the issue to Samsung on Twitter. Now, it seems that company representatives quashed the concern, suggesting the handset contained a technology to protect against pixel burn.

Not Far Reaching

As for how serious an issue this could be for Samsung, it appears the company is not taking it seriously. In response to another consumer, a Seoul-based Samsung rep again repeated that the Galaxy S8 was protected from pixel burn. However, this time elaborating, mentioning that there is a special algorithm built-in to the handset to specifically prevent this issue.

How far reaching is this problem? It seems that this issue, with proof, has only been reported by a handful of owners. So at the moment, Samsung will not act until it receives more complaints.


Digging a little deeper into what this pixel burn protection actually entails, yes there is an algorithm. However, its mainly the fact that Samsung foresaw issues around a fixed onscreen home button, which included the burn problem. As such it has made the button a soft-key, meaning it can be moved around to protect the display.

Final Thoughts

As we touched on earlier, this is not the first Galaxy S8 problem that has been revealed by owners. last week we reported how some were seeing a red tint, and others suffering from WiFi issues, and random restarts. All of which are already starting to damage consumer confidence in Samsung and its ability to produce a glitch-free smartphone.

Are you experiencing any problems with your Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus? Come and share your experiences in the comments section below.

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