Galaxy S8 Restarting Problem: Random Restarts Reported By Owners

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Just over a week has passed since the Galaxy S8 and it larger sibling the S8 Plus where released in the U.S.A. And reports of various problems are coming in, from people who are becoming irritated by what are expensive smartphones. With the latest apparently being random restarts of the devices within the first few hours of operation. Combine this with WiFi issues, Wireless charging difficulties, and a red tint on the display; it appears Samsung has some work to do.

Galaxy S8 Problems

Now before we go any further, there have been no reports of battery problems, so far. Samsung, worked hard to find, correct, and implement stringent battery testing to make sure it doesn’t happen again. However, could it have been so focussed on this one area of handset safety that it took its eye off the ball elsewhere? We’re going to take a look at the recent Galaxy S8 problems.

Random Restarts

Reports are flooding in about the odd occurrence of random restarts. Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus users have taken to the likes of Reddit, the XDA Developers forums, and even Samsung’s own U.S forums looking for advice.

Apparently, this problem occurs when the handset is not in use. Meaning, that it’s only when the smartphone is left alone, or placed into a pocket that the restart happens.

Reddit user self.GalaxyS8 said:

“My phone keeps restarting itself. So far only when it’s not actually in use. Meaning whenever I’m using it it’s fine. When it’s in my pocket, it restarts, and I only notice because it requires a pin instead of a fingerprint.”

As for the cause of this glitch, right now, no one has an answer, but, the fact that it occurs in both variants of the Galaxy S8. Means that Samsung must be looking into it seriously as we write, after all, it doesn’t want to be wrapped up in further controversy. Regarding how far reaching this problem is, that is to be seen; however, the number of reports keeps growing. With some users complaining that their handset has restarted more than five times in the first 10-hours of use.

Suggested Fixes

In the search for a fix, there have been a couple of suggestions made, with some people reporting they work, and others not. The first involves the removal of the MicroSD card. Apparently, the Galaxy S8 problem could be due to a card malfunctioning; it’s a temporary fix, but worth trying.

The next is a from an owner who claimed Samsung Customers Services advised to boot the Galaxy S8 into Safe Mode. Apparently, this is to prevent third-party apps, which could be the source of the problem from continuing to cause issues.

Final Thoughts

While it’s not uncommon for smartphones to be launched and then users to come across faults manufacturers have missed. For Samsung the stakes are extremely high, after all, the Galaxy S8 problems could further affect consumer confidence in the brand. As such, the company needs to act now, and release a statement to convince its current and future users that it is working on a fix.

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