Samsung Won’t Reveal Galaxy S8 At MWC For Reasons Unknown

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Samsung was expected to showcase its long-awaited Galaxy S8 at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) Expo this year. However, a recent report hints that the company many not showcase the Galaxy S8 at the event for reasons unknown.

Why not at MWC?

Major smartphone brands from around the world use this event to unveil their latest and greatest products, but Samsung’s Galaxy S8 won’t be launched at this event.

Samsung’s mobile chief, Koh Dong-Jin, told Reuters it won’t reveal its new Galaxy S phone at MWC in Barcelona this year, breaking the trend of the past three years. He did not share any further details as to what could be the reasons for the delay or when it will eventually debut.

Samsung’s last smartphone release, the Galaxy Note 7, turned out to be a disaster, as it had some serious battery issues. This forced the company to recall the device soon after it went on sale in September. Now the company needs to gain back its reputation, and thus it is really important for the Galaxy S8 to be successful.

The reason for Samsung pushing back the launch date could be the new battery testing and quality assurance processes introduced after the Korean firm discovered the reasons behind the Note 7’s problems, suggests The Next Web. Also it is not clear if this delay is in any way related to the bribery scandal surrounding the Samsung conglomerate’s de-facto chief.

Galaxy S8 may sport heat pipe cooling

Of the several leaks regarding the Galaxy S8, the latest one gives details on how the Korean smartphone maker is planning to dissipate heat from the device, especially after the issues it faced last year. Accordion to DigiTimes, the heat pipe cooling system was introduced in the Galaxy S7 and will be used for the Galaxy S8 as well.

Samsung’s initial plan was to introduce two pipes, but later it decided to go with the tried and tested method so that it does not face any embarrassment like it did with the Galaxy S7. The heat pipe cooling system transfers the heat from the chipset to the back plate where it can be dispersed.

Rumors claim that the handset will come with a curved screen at the sides and will almost be bezel-less. It might feature an iris scanner, a headphone jack and a pressure-sensitive display as well.

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