Samsung’s Problems Compounded By Reports Of Galaxy S7 Edge Fire

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You would need to nearly live under a rock to have missed the debacle that was the Galaxy Note 7 release and the fires that became quite regular both before and after the massive voluntary recall Samsung instituted and the subsequent discontinuation of manufacturing its flagship phablet. If not under a rock, you’ve certainly not been to an airport recently where signs are regularly posted showing the flight ban on the device.

New problems with a Galaxy S7 Edge?

I, like many others, have gone on record comfortably calling the Galaxy S7 Edge the best smartphone on the market. While that is certainly a subjective opinion on my part, I challenge you to name a better phone. It’s gorgeous, fast, powerful and until now it had not allegedly caught fire as I expect from a smartphone, as you should, and mine hasn’t even smoked in all the times I’ve charged it. Instead, what I’ve seen is a phone that I love that does everything I ask of it and has given me not one iota of buyer’s remorse.

Rumors of the demise of the Galaxy 7 Note have not been exaggerated. Presumably, in a rush to release the flagship phablet prior to the unveiling of new offerings from Apple with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, Samsung clearly lost the plot when it came to safety and was left with egg on its face, somewhat ironically is the fact that I’ve always thought of “egg the face” as raw, not an egg that could actually be cooked using a smartphone during charging or simply on a table not unconnected. It’s forced me to reconsider the expression, but I digress.

Unsubstantiated reports, according to an anonymous source working for “one of the big” cellular providers in the United States(two things you should be leery of) sent PhoneArena a picture of a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge nearly burnt beyond recognition. That user reported that the phone burst into flames while being charged overnight with the charger that was packaged with the unit.

Galaxy S7 Edge was a replacement for a “safe” Galaxy Note 7

To add insult to injury, that user told the wireless employee that the phone was part of a swap for a Galaxy Note 7 and hadn’t been in use for more than two weeks. If the reports are true, it wouldn’t be the first Galaxy S7 Edge to explode or catch fire though the frequency of the incidents are nothing compared to the Galaxy 7 Note and let’s not forget that Apple has been blamed for electrocuting some people using third-party chargers.

In September, PhoneArena also reported an instance where a construction worker in Ohio had the same model phone exploding in his pants’ pocket causing 2nd and 3rd-degree burns that required expensive and painful skin grafts and so the man file suit against Samsung shortly after the alleged incident occurred.

The same website recounted another story, also last month, that sounds like the first incident described here when the phone burst into flames in the middle of the night.

Given the genius of the Galaxy S7 Edge and the now notorious problems that the Galaxy Note 7 experienced these three incidents could give Samsung headaches and certainly see a slow down in sales if in the back of the consumer’s mind fire not processor speeds and cameras are being considered.

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