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The Galaxy S6 has not been in the public domain for a particularly long time, but already rumors related to its successor the Galaxy S7 are coming thick and fast. And in addition, recent days have seen a prominent designer provide his personal impression of what the Galaxy S7 may look like when it is released. Of course, we won’t see this flagship smartphone for at least twelve months, but there is good reason for us to pay attention to its development in the meantime.

Smartphone face-off

Although the Galaxy S6 is a massive release in itself for Samsung, the next twelve months will be a period of particular significance for the world’s two largest producers of mobile devices. Samsung has already stated its intent to bite into Apple’s market share with the release of the Galaxy S6, and the strategy of the Korean manufacturer over the next year will be extremely interesting to observe,

No-one is quite sure at the moment whether Apple will release a revolutionary iPhone 7 during 2015, or whether this will be delayed until 2016. At the time of writing, there have been conflicting reports on the matter, and the Apple strategy will obviously strongly influence the behavior of Samsung over the next 12 months. The Korean electronics giant will have to decide how it pitches its device against the iPhone range in the next year, which will be a difficult decision given that Apple traditionally marches to its own tune.

In the meantime, Samsung will be looking for an extremely strong Galaxy S6 launch to establish its flagship smartphone as a device that can once again challenge the iPhone. The tide has certainly been turning against Samsung in this department over the last 12 months, and the Galaxy S6 has therefore been central in its attempt to wrest back market control. Samsung will be encouraged by the enthusiastic and critical reception that the smartphone has been afforded, and it is certainly possible that by the time the Galaxy S7 is released that Samsung will be on a firmer footing.

Hasan Kaymak is one person who is clearly strongly anticipating the release of the Galaxy S7, and therefore has consequently produced a fascinating concept image of this forthcoming smartphone. Kaymak has particularly focused on HTC devices in the past, but on this occasion has turned his attention to a handset which we can expect to see at some point during 2016.

Galaxy S7 Concept images

Kaymak has produced a unique set of renders which he believes will reflect the way that the Galaxy S7 is produced in the coming months. This will certainly need to be an outstanding device in physical terms to stand out from the crowd, as Samsung has already put a significant amount of effort into improving the physical build of the Galaxy S6. Earlier iterations in this Galaxy S series were in fact criticized by both consumers and reviewers for their plasticky feel, and Samsung has certainly attempted to depart from this now.

The designer Kaymak believes that this process of divorcing itself from its plastic past will advance further with the Galaxy S7. Kaymak reports that Samsung will eliminate glass in this smartphone release, and will instead double down on polished aluminium in the device. The end result of this perceived design of the Galaxy S7 is an extremely striking handset indeed, with images produced by Kaymak depicting an attractive unibody design, topped with a glamorous white & gray pattern.

It is also notable that Kaymak has included two front-facing speakers in his artistic impression of the Galaxy S7, This certainly suggest that the Korean manufacturer might include more music playing functionality in this future smartphone. Apple has ruled the race in the music department to a certain extent, with iTunes having established an incredibly strong market position for Apple, and the company’s collaboration with Beats underlining the commitment of Apple to invest in music.

Aside from two rather flashy gold color and shiny pattern arrangements, Hasan also designed a more conservative version of the flagship smartphone which focuses on a black visage. The extent to which this may feature in the Galaxy S7 is debatable, but the concept of a metallic unibody is certainly an attractive one, and one that Samsung should pay heed to should it be logistically feasible.


Aside from the physical design of the device, there are also already a raft of predictions regarding how the Galaxy S7 will line up internally when it is released in 2016. For example, it is suggested that the Galaxy S7 may benefit from true octa-core processing. The Galaxy S6 purports to be an octa-core handset, but is in fact driven by two bundles of quad-core processors clocked at different speeds.

There is also already speculation about the amount of RAM that will be included with this next-generation smartphone. Some suggestions have placed this figure as high as 6 GB, but this seems a little steep considering that the Galaxy S6 only benefits from 3 GB. A more realistic estimate is that Samsung may up the memory in the device significantly, but not drastically. A figure of around 4 GB seems to be considerably more likely for the RAM of the handset.

Samsung is also certain to retain its own proprietary processor and chip technology with the Galaxy S7, unless there is some sort of disaster in the meantime. Samsung has, of course, moved to its own Exynos technology with the Galaxy S6, and consumers should expect this trend to continue with the Galaxy S7.

Some rumors have suggested that the camera in the Galaxy S7 could be as powerful as 30-megapixels, and this will be combined with a 4K resolution screen to produce a truly outstanding and jaw-dropping smartphone. If some of the physical design predictions are coupled with expectations and such specifications in the device, Samsung will have a massive success on its hands when the Galaxy S7 hits the stores in 2016.

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