User Says Galaxy S6 Edge+ Caught Fire While Charging With Official Charger

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Smartphones catching fire is pretty rare. However, a Reddit user witnessed his Galaxy S6 Edge+ bursting into flames while charging. In most cases, such incidents occur due to the use of third-party, sub-standard chargers. But this user was charging the phone with an official charger that came with Galaxy S3, which should have worked just fine with the Galaxy S6 Edge+.

It was the Galaxy S6 Edge+, not the charger

The phone in question was owned by Reddit user Needs_tree_fiddy. His roommate Turkey_Lord posted the images of the burnt phone on Reddit. The owner explained that the phone was not under his pillow. It was lying next to him on the bed. He woke up to the sound of sizzling and fumes erupting from it while the device as plugged in and charging. He initially thought the charger had caught fire, only to realize moments later that it was his Galaxy S6 Edge+.

This is probably the first time we have heard a phone catching fire while charging with an official charger. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident. It is still unclear what caused the fire. The phone may have caught fire due to overheating, a faulty battery, or the exposure to water and dust. It is also possible that the charger that came with Galaxy S3 might have been damaged due to prolonged use.

Should you keep your smartphone on the bed while charging?

One Reddit user tried to explain the possible reason. Redditor nsxly said they did something similar to their Galaxy S4. “I was using a weaker charger (Samsung plug but different USB cable). I left it on my bed also. Don’t leave charging phones on your bed. It’s the warmest place in the bedroom designed to keep heat from escaping.” That seems logical.

Samsung, too, may want to take a look at the device. The Galaxy S6 Edge+ owner has contacted a Samsung representative, and is likely to get a replacement. Back in 2014, a 9-year old child was operating a Samsung Galaxy tablet when it overheated and caught fire. The kid was smart enough to throw the tablet on the floor almost instantly. He did not suffer any injuries.

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