Samsung Galaxy S5 TouchWiz UI Leaked, Gets A Redesign

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Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is currently the Korean company’s flagship smartphone but as it has happened with every company, to stay ahead of the curve, it has to come up with a powerful device that will be seen as the next-gen flagship phone. In the case of Samsung, the company’s next flagship smartphone would be the Galaxy S5, and if the rumors are true, then apart from the physical changes, we can also expect TouchWiz UI to get a redesign.

TouchWiz UI in Samsung Galaxy S5 gets a major redesign

Twitter user Evleaks, who regularly posts information and screenshots of unannounced devices, has posted a picture of the redesigned TouchWiz UI. As per this picture, the next version of Samsung TouchWiz user interface (UI) will get a major overhaul, and it will look a lot like Google Now with some bits inspired from Windows Phone too.

Samsung’s new tiled homepage could provide contextualized information, just like Google Now aims to provide “the right information at the right time”. The screenshot shows how one can get the flight information, location data, and social network updates on the homepage. However, what’s not clear is how Samsung would ‘obtain’ such information. Google Now gathers this data from scanning your web history, Gmail, and location data, but it would be interesting to see how Samsung is planning to do so.

New interface looks more similar to Windows Phone than Android

As per the new image, it is evident that the TouchWiz UI surely has got a major redesign. Instead of the icon-heavy UI, it now looks more similar to Windows Phone than Android. It displays a tile based layout, inspired from Windows Phone and Google Now.

While Samsung has not revealed any details on the release date of the Galaxy S5, several sources point to an unveiling of the device at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in February, and global launch will be in the month of March which is exactly a year after the launch of its predecessor – the Galaxy S4.

Previous leaks suggested that Samsung will launch the Galaxy S5 in two variants, just like Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. One will be made of plastic while other will spot a metal chassis. Recent rumors suggest that the phone will indeed not have an iris scanner, which is a type of retina scanner, but it will feature a fingerprint scanner instead.

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