Galaxy S10 Instagram Mode Not Working For Some Users

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Samsung added “Instagram mode” to the Galaxy S10 camera app. The mode allows S10 users to take a photo and seamlessly upload it to Instagram without actually leaving the camera app. Many users find this new mode to be convenient when uploading images. However, some have now been reporting an issue with the Galaxy S10’s Instagram mode.

What users say about the issue with Galaxy S10 Instagram mode

Affected users have raised the issue with the Galaxy S10’s Instagram mode on social platforms such as Reddit. Users say Instagram mode is acting buggy, and they are unable to upload a captured photo to Instagram via the camera app. They explain that when they try to upload a captured photo to Instagram, they are sent to the IG Stories camera, according to tech site PiunikaWeb.

“Recently I noticed that Instagram mode on the camera stopped working. I snap the picture, then it opens up Instagram, but instead of automatically showing the picture I just took, it sends me to the IG stories camera,” one affected user said.

This issue with the Galaxy S10’s Instagram mode is not region-specific or device-specific. The same issue has been reported by users in different regions and with different Galaxy S10 variants, including the Galaxy S10e, which has an Exynos chip.

The camera app in the Exynos-powered Galaxy S10 phones was updated recently. The update added support for  night mode. However, the U.S. variants received no such camera update, which means the latest update is not to be blamed because some U.S. Galaxy S10 users have raised the issue with Instagram mode as well.

It is possible the issue is on Instagram’s end. In fact, one user suggested this very thing, saying that recent changes to the Instagram app might have something to with the problem.

“I think it’s because Instagram just recently changed their app to support 3rd party effects and lenses,” the user said.

However, nothing can be said with certainty for now. Samsung and Instagram have yet to comment on the issue.

Instagram mode missing

This is not the first problem that has been reported with Instagram mode since its launch. A couple of months ago, several users complained that Instagram mode was missing from their Galaxy S10 after an update.

“How do I get the Instagram mode on my camera .S10 plus got updated last night with the 1Feb update but the Instagram mode is missing in my camera setting,” one affected user complained at the time.

Although many users complained about the same thing, it wasn’t actually an issue. Users were able to fix it by toggling a few permissions in the Instagram app.

“I was able to get it to come back after toggling permissions for the Instagram app itself. So, maybe try switching camera, audio, location permissions off in the app settings,” one user said.

Some users were also able to fix the issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling the Instagram app.

How to fix the “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped” error

Since the launch of the Galaxy S10, many users have reported one other problem as well. Users say they sometimes get an error saying “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped.” It is a common issue, and there are several troubleshooting tricks to fix it.

The first trick is to force quit Instagram. This comes in handy for fixing minor or temporary bugs with any app. To do this, click on the Recent Apps soft key, and once the Recent Apps appear, look for the Instagram app. Once you find it, close it.

Another way to do this is to open Settings > Apps > More settings (the three-dot icon in the upper-right) > Show system apps. Then look for the Instagram app and then tap “Force Stop.”

If this doesn’t fix the issue, the next trick you can try is a soft reset of your device. Like the first trick, this also helps fix minor bugs. A soft reset is different from a regular restart. The former simulates the effect of a battery pull, and thus, proves more effective. To soft reset your phone, press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons for a few seconds.

If the soft reset doesn’t fix the issue, then you can try uninstalling the updates. It has often been seen that an issue appears after updating an app, so uninstalling the last update may fix the issue. You can also try clearing the cache and data on the Instagram app.

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