Did You Notice This Strange Blinking Pixel On Galaxy S10?

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with several unique features, including the under display front camera design. However, instead of talking of the new features, many users are concerned over a tiny blinking pixel near the front camera punch hole. Some users say that it could be a hardware issue.

Galaxy S10 blinking pixel – hardware issue or expected behavior

The Galaxy S10 blinking pixel was first brought up by a user named kobebas on the Xda Forum. “During a call and while listening to a voice message in Wattsap, a white pixel blinks next to the front camera while the screen is on,” the user said. The user was not sure if it was an issue or expected behavior.

Some who also noticed the Galaxy S10 blinking pixel say it might be some sort of sensor, while others say it could be an issue with the hardware. One user noted that he is unable to capture the blink in the screenshot, adding “all captures came without that mark which gave me indication it could be hardware problem!!”

Since the Galaxy S10 blinking pixel is not coming in on the screenshot, one user recorded the blinks in a video. The blinking pixel is seen on all the Galaxy S10 models.

No one is sure about the reason behind the blinking pixel, but one user’s theory seems believable. Many believe that the blinking pixel is actually a proximity sensor. “If you cover just that blinking pixel with a sharp pointed thing (knife etc.), you will see the screen goes black,” one user said.

Users say that the blinking pixel is seen when making or receiving a call (both normal and WhatsApp). But, if during a call, a user switches to speaker phone, the blinking stops. Also, if during a call, this blinking pixel is covered, the screen goes black.

Such functionality suggests that the blinking pixel could be a proximity sensor. The screen going black on covering the sensor might indicate the sensor is assuming the phone to be next to the face, possibly preventing any accidental touches or hang-ups.

“….during a call, if i cover that blinking pixel with a narrow strip of paper the screen will go black (as if the phone was next to the face during a call),” one user said.

Supporting the proximity sensor theory, another user said that in “JerryRigEverything’s video he showed there are sensors behind the display which also have some cutouts.”

LED animations coming to S10

Based on these suggested theories, it can be said that it is no bug, rather an intended behavior. But, we can’t be 100% sure until official confirmation from Samsung.

What we are sure, however, is that this blinking pixel is no new iteration of the notification LED. For the Galaxy S10, Samsung dropped the notification LED for “Always on Display,” notes tech site PiunikaWeb. The Always on Display, or AOD, uses marginal power to display the black pixels. Hence, it is useful in displaying information when the main display is “off.”

With the Galaxy S10, Samsung has also added animations, such as a ring of light, around the display cutout. These animations will trigger while using camera or biometrics authentication.

Trusted tipster Ice universe talked of these animations in a tweet in December, saying the S10 phones will have some special effects around the hole. “It will glow when the camera is turned on and will also glow when the face is recognized,” the tipster said.

Also, one Samsung Care Ambassador confirmed such functionality in Samsung forums saying these effects “will be automatically colored based on the notification.”

Slow start to Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is currently available for preorder in many countries. But, we are already getting reports about the response to the phone on the first day. If those reports are to believed, then the first-day bookings of the Galaxy S10 is a lot less than the Galaxy S9 series and even the Galaxy Note 9 in South Korea.

According to a report from The Korea Herald, about 140,000 S10 units were booked on the first day since the pre-orders started. This number is a lot less when compared to 180,000 units of the Galaxy S9 series and 200,000 units of the Galaxy Note 9 on their first day.

One possible reason for the slow response to the S10 now is that potential buyers are probably waiting for the other two Samsung phones, which are not yet available for preorder. The Korean company is expected to launch the Galaxy S10 5G later this month and the Galaxy Fold around mid-May.

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