Galaxy S10 3D Face Detection Tech And Finger On Display Scanner In The Works

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Although the Galaxy Note 9 is the next phone in the pipeline from Samsung, it’s one of next year’s phones that is being hyped up following a new report that we may see Galaxy S10 3D face detection tech and a finger on display scanner with the launch of the company’s upcoming flagship.

The Galaxy S10

While many are looking forward to the release of the Galaxy Note 9, there has been a decent amount of criticism around Samsung this generation with regards to the fact that there has been a lack of innovation with their products.The Note 9 – just like the S9 – should be an improvement over its predecessors, but a simple bump up in power and some camera improvements weren’t impressive enough to steal attention away from the show-stopping iPhone X.

Samsung and Apple are the two biggest names in smartphone manufacturing, and they have been neck and neck when it comes to their high-end flagships for quite some time. While Samsung has led the game with certain key technologies like their AMOLED displays, Apple has introduced new features themselves which has set them apart form the competition – the most obvious of which being the recent inclusion of FaceID with the iPhone X. The “notch” design also inspired a number of Android handsets, making it clear that Apple is here to stay when it comes to design and features.

The introduction of new features will likely be reserved for the Galaxy S10 which is rumored to be announced early in 2019 – perhaps even as soon as January. While Samsung has seen some decent success this year as one of the largest high-end smartphone manufacturers, there hasn’t been nearly the excitement with their phones as there has been the past few generations – an unfortunate fact that has been reflected in lackluster sales for the Galaxy S9. The Galaxy S10 is the company’s chance to really turn things around, and there are apparently some exciting changes coming that could make 2019 the year of Samsung smartphones.

Galaxy S10 3D Face Detection Tech

The news regarding Galaxy S10 3D face detection tech comes via Korean outlet The Bell – a site with a proven track record of solid leaks regarding Samsung technology. It appears that Samsung will be ditching their iris scanning feature in favor of this new 3D detection technology, and they are also making some other major changes to the way people can unlock the phone.

While the iPhone X was largely considered a massive success due to the innovative FaceID technology that allowed people to unlock their phones with a simple glance, many were missing some sort of sophisticated fingerprint scanner that would give them another option of unlocking the phone that is a little more convenient than keying in a passcode. In addition the Galaxy S10 3D face detection tech, The Bell reports that we will see finger on display sensors built into the screen of the phone.

It has been rumored that Samsung was developing in-display finger on display scanner technology for quite some time, and several patents have surfaced over the past year or so that seem to confirm that fact. With The Bell jumping on board with confirmation that the feature is in development, it’s safe to say that the Galaxy S10 should be a much more exciting phone that what we saw released this generation. Many were hoping we would see the tech with the Galaxy Note 9, but it appears as if the tech has indeed been delayed for the launch with the “S” line in the new year.

It’s important to note that as far as the Galaxy S10 3D face detection tech goes, The Bell did state that this new technology raises some manufacturing concerns for Samsung. With the massive amount of parts they would need to secure and the new manufacturing processes, there is the possibility that the iris scanner would make a reappearance if it became too difficult to implement this new technology on a wide scale. The finger on display scanner is all but confirmed, however, so it’s looking likely we’ll see a new smartphone generation that is at least a little more exciting than what we saw from Samsung this year.

It’s unclear at this point whether the 3D face detection tech or finger on display scanner will be present in all models or just in the S10 Plus version, but at least there will be an option on the market that is a little more of a clear upgrade than a simple bump in performance and a more impressive camera.

As mentioned above, current rumors suggest that the Galaxy S10 will be unveiled early next year, with January being the earliest point where we’ll see any real information from the company themselves.

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