Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900 – The Battle Begins

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Samsung Galaxy SIII was officially announced yesterday and its tech specs seems to be really fascinating. This is Samsung’s new flagship smartphone which has already created many rumors and hype that was never seen before. We won’t be wrong if we compare this phone to two more major smartphones of the emerging tech industry like iPhone 4S and Lumia 900.

All of these smartphones are based on different platforms – Galaxy S III features Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, iPhone runs on iOS 5.1 and Lumia 900 runs on Windows Phone Mango 7.5. So when we are comparing these three models, we should also take note of different platforms that they run on.

Samsung Galaxy S III vs. iPhone 4S vs. Lumia 900 - The Battle Begins

Galaxy S III being the newest member of the trio; the phone can trounce both the iPhone 4S and Lumia 900, at least on paper. No doubt we will need to wait for detailed review of this new entrant to make the final conclusion but for now we can say that this phone is a clear winner if we compare tech specs.

If we compare camera, then all three devices have identically matched cameras i.e. 8 MP but the number of megapixels is not enough to come to a conclusion. The massive screen of Galaxy S III with Super AMOLED HD display is bigger than other two competitors. Its a matter of debate whether we really need 4.8-inch screen or just 3.5-inch or 4.3-inch is enough.

Galaxy S III being technically more rich in feature, is the lightest device of the three; weighing just 133 grams. Samsung has excellently managed to fit in so many advance features interestingly without increasing the weight of the device.

Lets see what does the tech features of these smartphones tell us:

Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S vs Lumia 900

By looking at this comparison chart, Samsung Galaxy S III is a clear winner when it comes to tech specs. It won’t be a surprise if this phone sells like hot cakes, just like Galaxy S II did when it was released.

Pricing details of Galaxy S III are not yet out and for consumers, pricing is also an important buying factor. Only time will tell how this new entrant will perform and which new device (read iPhone 5) can outperform it.

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