We May See A Galaxy Note 9 Launch Date In August 2018

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While we may not currently have a confirmation of a Galaxy Note 9 launch date, there are already a collection of rumors and speculation about when we could see the successor to the incredibly popular Note 8.

The current trend with Samsung is to release the Galaxy S series early in the year with the Galaxy Note series following around the end of the summer. This gap between the two releases ensures that neither phone will cannibalize the sales of the other, while still releasing both handsets quickly enough to compete with handsets from competitors like Apple.

Given the recent history of Samsung’s releases, we anticipate that we’ll see a Galaxy Note 9 launch date of sometime in August of 2018.

Galaxy Note 9 Renders

As mentioned above, reliable leaks regarding the Note 9 are few and far between. Enterprising creatives like Benjamin Geskin have given us an idea of what we might expect, however, based on a collection of early rumors about the specifications that the Note 9 may include.

Perhaps most exciting about the Galaxy Note 9 is the under-display fingerprint sensor. This technology has been in development for quite some time and will be a welcome addition to the Samsung luxury lineup. As you can see from the images, the concept features a display that’s almost entirely screen, giving no real place for a traditional fingerprint scanner. In recent models, Samsung has relocated the scanner to the back of the phone. Many customers have found that awkward and inconvenient, however, so if the Korean tech giant is really to take advantage of this cutting-edge tech with the Note 9, it will definitely be a major upgrade.

Outside of that major feature, the renders look pretty similar to both the Note 8 and the iPhone X, with a 4K 6.4-inch infinity display and an aesthetic that minimizes bezels and maximizes screen space.

Improving Upon the Galaxy Note 8

Obviously, as with any new flagship release, it’s important that the upcoming Galaxy Note 9 launch date usher in a handset that is a serious upgrade over its predecessor. With many phones becoming iterative and simply adding a bit more power with each generation, it’s becoming harder for many people to justify making the switch from their current model each year. While those who upgrade their phone on a yearly schedule are definitely in the minority, there’s still a significant portion of the population that wants the latest and greatest, year after year. Samsung could stand to grow that group of consumers if they were truly to deliver something spectacular with the upcoming Galaxy Note 9.

As you can see from the renders, Geskin stretched the display to totally eliminate the top and bottom bezels. This is a natural progression as handsets become more screen than phone. However, recent reports have suggested that the new screen technology Samsung is working on may include something similar to the signature “notch” located at the top of Apple’s latest flagship. It’s likely in Samsung’s best interest to go for a clean, edge-to-edge display rather than emulating the success of iPhone X, but it’s easy to see that Apple saw some great success with their newest design that could potentially be translated into Samsung’s high-end Android line.

Competing With Apple

There’s no doubt that Apple has captured the attention of an increasingly discerning smartphone market with the release of their iPhone X. With unique Face ID technology and incredibly powerful specifications, it’s clear that the X is the phone to beat this generation.

Apple’s devices have always seen a good amount of success solely due to the reputation of the company and their phones’ position as a status symbol. It’s unfair, however, to attribute the massive iPhone X sales simply to a loyal customer base that is always willing to upgrade to the next new thing.

What set Apple apart this smartphone generation was their ability to innovate and provide something new to their users. Samsung and other Android manufacturers continue to see widespread adoption of their phones, but with the Galaxy Note 8 not providing many shiny new features to compete with brand new technology from the likes of Apple, it’s difficult to see a clear reason to take the jump and upgrade.

Samsung has recently patented several different forms of unique displays, including a wraparound model and a flexible screen. If on the Galaxy Note 9 launch date we were to receive a large phone that could fold to fit in our pocket, for example, Samsung may have just what they need to compete with the recent innovations from Apple.

The Galaxy Note 9 Release Date

We speculated above that the phone will be released in August of 2018, but outside of that, we know precious little about this upcoming handset. While it’s fun to look at renders and imagine what we’ll actually see from a new phone, the Galaxy Note 9 launch date is likely a long ways off, and we’ll be left guessing until we see some actual confirmation from sources inside the company.

With August is nearly a year away, there’s plenty of time for fresh Galaxy Note 9 leaks to give us a more accurate sense of what we can expect. Whether it’s an innovative new foldable tech or simply an improvement upon the successful design of the Galaxy Note 8, it will clearly be a phone to look out for moving into fall of 2018.

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