Galaxy Note 9 Design Patent Revealed: Is This The Future?

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Just yesterday, it was revealed that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office had granted and published a future Samsung Galaxy Note design. Which is interesting considering, the problems the company had with the Note 7 and its battery. Why? Because, it depicts a device which is obviously not the Galaxy Note 8, and could be the Galaxy Note 9.

Is This a Galaxy Note 9 Design Patent?

Unfortunately, that’s not a question we have an answer for; however, it is entirely possible. But, there’s a significant difference between a “Patent Application” and design patents, and that is the detail. Design patents, do not reveal much information, there’s no talk about materials or interior specifications. So, if this is a design of the Galaxy Note 9, all we can do is speculate.

Here’s out take on what we can see.

Thinner Than Ever

While smartphone screens have become longer and wider, bezels and the thickness of handsets have been steadily getting steadily thinner. And as you can see from the design patent image, the Galaxy Note 9, takes thinness to a whole new level. Which begs the question, considering the battery issues the Note 7 had, how could this form factor become a reality?

After all, it was proven to be Samsung’s push for an ultra-thin device which ultimately compromised the integrity of the battery. And as such, led to explosive results and the phablets recall. So, could the possibility of such a slimline Galaxy Note 9 mean the company has solved the problem? Possibly, however, we’re unlikely to see it for a while.

Galaxy note 9 design patent
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New Battery Tech

As this is the first Note-related design we have seen for some time, it goes without saying we’re excited. However, the puzzling battery question remains. As for what we know, there’s no apparent way for a battery to exist within the thin part of the design. So, could that mean a new longer and more lightweight unit will be developed?

If so, the only option would be to house it within what looks like a hand grip running down the left-hand side. However, this would also be the housing for a future S-Pen, probably the speaker too.


Of course, the most interesting feature of the Galaxy Note 9, is the design. It’s almost worlds apart from the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and more than likely even the Galaxy Note 8. To our eyes, this design looks more like that of a tablet something like the Kindle Oasis or even the Note Edge.

Now, there is a familiar feature still there, and that’s the Edge display; however, it’s only on the right-hand side. The left with the hand-grip has no such curving feature. Although, that does make sense, especially, if that side of the device does house the battery, S-Pen, speaker, and other significant internal components.

Final Thoughts

Samsung, no doubt, applies for and has many design patents published every year. Which suggests that the above option may never become a manufactured reality. Furthermore, this could mean it may be a stepping stone towards even more fantastical designs, such as the rumored foldable handset. However, more likely, this is Samsung’s people coming up with ideas, that if its scientists and engineers can replicate would see the light of day.

The problem is, there have been promises of new form factors by many manufacturers for years. Yet, we are still stuck with the same old and boring body shape, when will it change?

Come and share your thoughts and questions with us about what could be the Galaxy Note 9.

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