New Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images Suggest Design Of Upcoming Phone

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The release of Samsung’s upcoming flagships is expected at some point next year, with the 9th version of both the S and Note lines expected to launch sooner rather than later. Despite an expected release date that isn’t too far off, we don’t know very much about the new phones. However, a recently released Galaxy Note 9 concept by GalaxyNote9News gives us an idea of what we might expect from the phone.

As far as we can tell, the Galaxy Note 9 concept recently released is simply an artist’s imagining of what the upcoming flagship might feature, but the images do take into account a little of what we know thus far (at least from rumors and leaks.) We won’t know exactly what’s in store until an official announcement, but a reliable Galaxy Note 9 concept image that considers the various leaks and rumors is definitely a start.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images

Galaxy Note 9 Concept

As is to be expected given the recent trend of both Samsung’s phones and the luxury smartphone market at large, the Galaxy Note 9 concept shows a phone with near-non-existent bezels and a screen that covers the device from edge to edge. The Note 9 looks to be an improvement upon the Galaxy Note 8 rather than a stark departure, so we should expect a similar aesthetic from the upcoming phone. The screen will be pretty large, just like we’ve seen with previous Galaxy Note models. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem that there will be a size increase, as it’s already getting a little difficult to hold such a big phone.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images

The concept shows a fingerprint scanner included underneath the screen – a technology that is in progress by the Korean manufacturer but may actually not quite make it in this generation of phone. With the Galaxy S model expected to release at the end of February during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, it almost certainly won’t be included on that phone. But the Note line is often released later in the year, giving the developers more time to hopefully implement this new technology. With minimal bezels and less opportunity for a fingerprint scanner on the front, recent Galaxy phones have opted to include the technology on the back. If we’re truly to see an in-screen scanner as the Galaxy Note 9 concept image suggests, it will be a vast improvement over the rather-awkward current placement.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images

Galaxy Note 9: What We Know

While the Galaxy Note 9 concept gives us a sense of the aesthetic, we still don’t know too much about the features and specifications of the upcoming phone. However, there are a few things we can expect given the history of the line as well as some yet-unconfirmed rumors and leaks. The Galaxy Note 9 concept suggests that the model will follow along with its predecessors as the standout Galaxy model: a huge display, top-notch specifications, and a stylus to go along with it.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images

We’ll also likely see an all-glass and metal construction, giving the luxury flagship its signature premium feel. The Note 9 is also purportedly rated for IP68 water and dust protection, allowing you to use the phone practically anywhere. There’s also expected to be a revamp of the S-pen stylus, adding more features right out of the box.

The Galaxy Note 8 was originally rumored to come with a dual-lens setup, but we’ll likely have to wait a bit until the release of its successor to see that technology implemented. Fortunately, the Galaxy Note 9 concept seems to show that the phone will feature the upgrade – a specification that has been suggested by both reliable rumors and leaks. We can expect both a 16-megapixel camera with a 28mm lens, and another with a 50mm lens. Another expected improvement is improved optical image stabilization, for more clear pictures regardless of movement or vibration.

Galaxy Note 9 Concept Images

Rumors suggest that the Galaxy Note 9 will ship in two versions, one with 6GB of RAM and the other with 8GB. Either model should provide more than enough power when combined with the latest and greatest processor, but the 8GB model will definitely be a noticeable improvement over the base 6GB.

While the Galaxy Note 9 concept is far from official, it adds a neat visualization of some of the rumors and leaks we’ve already had regarding the design and features of the upcoming phone. We’ll see how accurate the Galaxy Note 9 concept is after a reveal and release, expected later in 2018.

Images source: GalaxyNote9News

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