Galaxy Note 8 To Come With Samsung’s AirPod-Like Headphones

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It looks like Samsung is taking aim straight at the iPhone 8 in the lead up to the launch of the Galaxy Note 8. A new report from ET News (note: article is in Korean) states that Samsung is going to launch their own Airpod-like headphones alongside the Galaxy Note 8.

The report doesn’t offer any clarification on whether the Airpod-like headphones will be bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or if they will be sold separately. It would probably be safe to assume that Samsung will sell their wireless earbuds separately but, with the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco still fresh on the minds of consumers, it also wouldn’t be surprising to see the manufacturer bundle the headphones with the Galaxy Note 8 as a show of goodwill toward customers that have stuck with the brand.

The Airpod-like headphones from Samsung appear to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. In addition to listening to audio, Samsung’s earbuds will also apparently come with Bixby AI baked right in. This will give users the ability to utilize Samsung’s voice assistant without reaching for their device. And, on top of that, there will also be a noise cancelling feature that allows the Bixby microphone to block out surrounding noise so commands can be heard clearly in any setting.

All in all, if these reports are accurate, it would appear that Samsung has a legitimate Airpod competitor in the works. Of course, real-world effectiveness will be the true test for these earbuds. There’s also no mention of pricing. Apple’s Airpods are a steep $159. If Samsung’s Airpod-like headphones can come in at a lower price point, or even bundled with the Galaxy Note 8, then that would be a huge win for Samsung in the wake of last year’s fiery Galaxy Note 7 release.

In any case, it definitely sounds like these Bixby-powered wireless earbuds will be launched alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Whether they are bundled or sold separately remains to be seen. I’m sure prospective Galaxy Note 8 buyers are drooling at the thought of included wireless earbuds but, if I was among them, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Instead, I prefer to set the bar low and be pleasantly surprised if I turn out to be wrong. Either way, we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out how Samsung plans to roll out their Airpod competitor earbuds. If they do, in fact, launch alongside the Galaxy Note 8 then we can expect to see them revealed sometime in August and available for purchase in September.

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