Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors

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Samsung has been forced to endure a rather horrible period in its existence following the by now infamous exploding issues related to the Galaxy Note 7. With the Korean corporation having been forced to completely recall the phablet, attention is already turning to whether or not Samsung will release a Galaxy Note 8 sequel.

Canned phablet

The idea that the Galaxy Note range could be canned completely will be an unpleasant prospect for fans of the Android device range. And there are plenty of these, considering that it could be said that the Galaxy Note series has been the outstanding smartphone for the Korean corporation over the last few years.

While the Galaxy S series remains the flagship of Samsung, it is the Galaxy Note which has been receiving the most enthusiastic recent reviews. This was repeated once more when the Galaxy Note 7 was released, with the critical reception for the ill-fated phablet actually being excellent.

Yet there must be question marks over the extent to which the explosion issue has damaged the entire Galaxy Note branding. Instead of resurrecting the Galaxy Note range with a Galaxy Note 8 release, Samsung could instead choose to rethink its entire device range. Certainly the company will not jump lightly into producing a Galaxy Note 8, considering the disaster that the Galaxy Note 7 has unquestionably been.

Certainly there have been whispers in the media that Samsung could be ready to kill off the Galaxy Note branding completely, after the disastrous PR it has received in 2016. But even though this has been suggested, it has equally been floated that Samsung will work on other stylus-driven machines, with the intention of replacing the Galaxy Note 7 with a more palatable brand name.

Trade-in mooted

However, information which emerged recently suggests that the Galaxy Note brand will not be axed after all, with a Galaxy Note 8 instead in the pipeline for next year. This emanated from the Galaxy upgrade program in South Korea, with information indicating that consumers will be able to upgrade the Galaxy S7 to either a Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8 in 2017.

This was taken as a clear indication that Samsung would indeed produce a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017. But statements from the company have poured scorn on this conclusion, noting that the official confirmation of the Galaxy Note 8 has been conspicuous by its absence.

We cannot actually draw any firm conclusions from this statement, though. Samsung was always likely to move quickly to deny such a rumour, in a financial climate that is potentially extremely volatile for the company. And there is no doubt that the corporation will not confirm the existence of the Galaxy Note 8 until it is deemed to be ideal.

However, Samsung clearly has hard work to do in order to convince consumers to buy into a smartphone range that now has negative connotations. Already, research in South Korea has discovered that a majority of consumers in Samsung’s native country believe that the Galaxy Note series has been seriously damaged in terms of image by the explosion problem.

In light of the disaster with the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung has already been forced to reduce its earning forecasts for the third quarter of 2016. Originally Samsung’s forecasts for the quarter were around $7 billion, with this having now been slashed to $4.6 billion. Hardly surprising considering the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, but such disappointing financial figures will only incentivize the corporation to get back on track in 2017, and possibly with a new Galaxy Note 8 release.

If Samsung is to convince consumers to opt for a Galaxy Note 8 release, it is clear that the Korean company must deliver something pretty outstanding. While the Galaxy Note series has undoubtedly been an excellent phablet contender for the Korean Corporation, The Galaxy Note 8 may have to to take serious risks in order to be as successful as the company would hope.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – 4k

So many analysts are already suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 will be the first mobile device from Samsung to feature 4K resolution technology. This ultra-high definition visual technology is becoming increasingly mainstream, with a significant number of televisions now being sold with 4K compatible panels, and Sony now plunging into the 4K market with the PS4 Pro.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – AI capabilities

Another interesting suggestion for the Galaxy Note 8 is the idea that the smartphone could be equipped with an artificial intelligence assistant. This is particularly mooted following the purchasing of Viv Labs by Samsung, with this company being particularly associated with outstanding AI abilities.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Camera upgrade

Recent reports have also indicated that Samsung is working on some outstanding camera technology to include in this next-generation device. A patent application in South Korea indicates that Samsung is currently working on changing the user interface of the camera to provide exciting new touch gestures to facilitate zooming in and out. This innovation could then be included in the Galaxy Note 8, ensuring that there is a significant improvement on the existing optical zoom feature.

Many fans of Samsung will also want to see dual-cameras included in the Galaxy Note 8, in order to deliver an even more optimized low-light shooting performance than has been a possible previously.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Rumors – Storage increase

Another simple way that a Samsung could improve the Galaxy Note 8, while also responding to the needs of consumers, is to improve the storage capabilities of the smartphone. Samsung has actually been lagging behind Apple in this department, and there seems to be little excuse for this, so the Galaxy Note 8 may feature the largest quantity of storage capacity in any Samsung release thus far.

It seems likely that there will be a Galaxy Note 8 next year, but the release will have to be handled sensitively considering the travails of 2016.

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