Galaxy Note 8 Release Date Leak, Design Changes [RUMOR]

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The hands-on tests have been completed, and the results are in. The Galaxy S8 and its larger sibling are the best phones available. If you have one of them, this is great news, but what if you’re waiting for something different? What if you’re waiting for news about the Galaxy Note 8 release date?

Galaxy Note 8 release date leaked

Recently we brought you news which suggested that the Note 8 will launch at IFA Berlin in September. However, now a new leak coming from well-known leakster @Ice Universe on Twitter suggests it will come sooner. Apparently, it could be as early as the third week in August, which places it between August 14 and 20. It’s thought that a simultaneous launch is likely; however, so far only New York has been mentioned.

Why is this date so much earlier than anyone had expected? To be clear, this is just a rumor; Samsung has verified nothing. However, if we were to speculate, it could be to beat the iPhone 8 to market. That being said though, last year’s Note 7 was rumored to have been rushed to release before the iPhone 7. So if this latest rumor is true, Samsung must be careful not to repeat the mistakes it made then.


Design leak

If this latest Galaxy Note 8 release date leak is to be believed, it’s best that something other than words come with it. Fortunately, there did, if you take a look at the tweet by @Ice Universe above. You will see that the leaker has provided what he suggests could be the front panel of the phablet.

When the Galaxy Note 8 release date finally arrives, we expect to see a device that has a design that is similar to that of the Galaxy S8 but with a larger 6.3-inch Infinity display.

Galaxy Note 8 release date schematic leak and rumors

Dual camera

Another new leak comes via SlashLeaks and shows a rear view of a schematic which is supposedly of the Note 8. It features a dual-lens camera, which didn’t materialize on the S8, so it would be a huge step for Samsung that would give the yet-to-be-announced phablet the edge over its siblings.

Why the fuss about dual-lens cameras? To put it simply, dual-lens cameras provide distinct advantages over those with single lenses. They include improved photography, better zoom features, and DSLR-style depth of field, all of which, when combined, lead to a camera with superior features and output.

Fingerprint scanner

The same SlashLeaks schematic offers another revelation if it’s accurate, and that’s about the fingerprint scanner. It appears to be yet again on the rear of the device like it is on the S8. However, what’s different is that it is placed underneath the camera lens, not alongside it. If accurate, this would mean that, unlike owners of the S8, owners of the Note 8 won’t cover its camera lens in fingerprints.

However, it also unfortunately indicates that Samsung has not worked out how to embed the fingerprint scanner in the Infinity display. Unfortunately, we can’t definitively say whether this is true or not; however, recent rumors have indicated otherwise. Just last week, CNMO published a photo showing a supposed Note without a rear fingerprint sensor.

We still don’t know who’s right and who’s wrong, but we will continue to search for an answer and bring you the Galaxy Note 8 release date as soon as possible.

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