Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Pre-Order Date, Price And Release Date

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Ahead of the release of the next Samsung phablet, fans of Android devices are keen to know the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date. The Unpacked event in New York will finally reveal this handset to an expectant public, but many consumers will still be eagerly wondering when they can get their hands on the final product.


Aside from the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date, the pricing of the unit will be absolutely critical. There have been a raft of rumors related to the price of both the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 over the last few months, and these have certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 have been linked with price tags in excess of $1,000. The most expensive recommended retail price linked with the Galaxy Note 8 is one of $1,200. This would undoubtedly be a significant gamble, even for a corporation as large and powerful as Apple.

Meanwhile, some sources have also suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 will cost in excess of $1,000. Samsung has performed extremely well in the marketplace recently, despite the disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, and this suggests that the Korean corporation is well placed to produced a particularly premium unit at a certainly premium price point.

Nonetheless, the most recent reports have instead suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 may retail at around $900. Nonetheless, this would still make the phablet the most expensive that Samsung has ever released.

Galaxy Note 8 Pre-order date

So on to the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date. Early indications are that the Galaxy Note 8 will be put on general sale just hours after the final device has been revealed. In particular, some rumors suggest that the pre-order process will begin just one day after the handset is unveiled, meaning that Samsung fans will be able to make pre-orders on Thursday, August 24.

This will enable Samsung to gain some advantage over its great rival Apple, with the iPhone 8 not expected until September. While the Korean company’s products have completed rather well against the iPhone range in recent months, it would still be advantageous for Samsung to separate its major Galaxy Note 8 release from the revolutionary OLED iPhone that is expected.

Pre-order prospects

Those interested in the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date would be advised to make their order as soon as possible, as this device is likely to sell out pretty rapidly. While Samsung will probably produce more Galaxy Note 8 units than Apple has been linked with in the iPhone 8 generation, it is probable that there will still be a fairly limited supply.

We can expect the Galaxy Note 8 to sell out within just hours of being made available for pre-order, and this means that keen Android fans should make their orders for the Galaxy Note 8 as quickly as possible.

Release date

While the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date will be a significant aspect of the Unpacked event, the final release date will also obviously be important. A September release date for the final device seems a certainty, but the billion dollar question is precisely when the phone will ultimately hit store shelves.

The notorious leaker Evan Blass believes that the critical date in question will be September 15. This would mean that there is an approximately 50-50 chance that the Galaxy Note 8 will be available before the iPhone 8 is even unveiled. The ultimate unveiling date of the iPhone 8 has yet to enter the public domain, meaning that Samsung could gain a real head start on its great rival.

Blass also suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 consumer will have an enviable decision between a free 256GB microSD card and wireless charger, or a 360-degree camera. Whether or not this slightly surprising suggestion comes to fruition remains to be seen, but it would certainly sweeten the deal considering the slightly lofty price of this device.

Specs and features

So now that the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date has been established, what can we expect from the final phablet? Well, there is no doubt that this will be a high-end unit, which will be particularly important for two reasons.

Firstly, the Galaxy Note 8 will be up against a revolutionary iPhone 8 intended to acknowledge the landmark tenth anniversary of this iconic smartphone range. And, secondly, the Galaxy Note 8 must attempt to reinvigorate a series seriously damaged by the disastrous exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Leaked images of the Galaxy Note 8 suggest that this device will feature a 6.3-inch display rather similar to the existing Galaxy S8. It is probable that Samsung will once again resist the temptation to opt for a 4K resolution screen, though, with the likely resolution of the device identical to that of the aforementioned S8.

The Galaxy Note 8 is expected to come in four colors, namely blue, gold, black and silver. There have also been suggestions in some quarters that Samsung will listen to consumer desire and release a 128GB version of the smartphone this year. This is likely to be accompanied by the flexible micro SD card slot once more.

Bixby mooted

Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant will also almost certainly debut in the Galaxy Note 8, with the Korean company expected to unveil new improvements to the software. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 processor will also be included, with an octa-core unit having been linked with this handset.

Finally, a key aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 will be the battery included, after the cell in the Galaxy Note 7 was blamed for the problems with that handset. With this in mind, Samsung will include a smaller 3,300 mAh unit in the Galaxy Note 8, while a new eight-point initiative will monitor the safety of battery technology included.

With the Galaxy Note 8 pre-order date looming, an exciting phablet contender is undoubtedly on the horizon. Samsung will hope that its new device can deliver outstanding performance, while also being significantly more durable than the doomed Galaxy Note 7.

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