4 Things Galaxy Note 8 Needs To Improve Over The Galaxy S8

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The Galaxy Note 8 will most likely come out in September of this year. It will no doubt be the best phone of 2017, but in order to do that it needs to improve on the Galaxy S8. And here are the things it needs to improve upon.

Fingerprint scanner

So a lot of people were disappointed  with the placement of the fingerprint scanner on the Galaxy S8. Mostly because it was hard to distinguish from the camera. But once you got use to the fingerprint scanner it was very good. Here is an article on why it think the Galaxy S8 fingerprint scanner is OK. But in order for the Note 8 to improve upon that it needs to have the fingerprint scanner embedded in the display where the home button use to be. This would be very comfortable since you could unlock your phone while it is on a table. This feature did not make to the Galaxy S8 because Synaptics didn’t have time to finish it in time for launch. But now they have made a statement on their website that mass production will be available in the second half of 2017, right on time for the Note 8.

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The Galaxy S8 already did improve upon audio quality greatly and also had a good DAC/AMP ,but still it got outperformed by the LG V series of phones. The speaker itself also got an upgrade with it being more clear and louder, sadly it was a bottom facing single speaker. For the Note 8 to have better audio quality it needs to have front facing speakers or something similar to the iPhone 7 stereo sound system. Although there may not be enough room for the speakers ,and if the bezels of the Infinity Display get any thinner this won’t work out. The DAC/AMP combo also would need an upgrade to compete with LG.

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The Display?

The Infinity Display is already great ,but there is always room for improvement. On the Galaxy S8 it was near perfect, but for the Note 8 to beat it it needs to have a 4K sAMOLED display, this would crush all competition. And also if Samsung figured out how to make the bezels even thinner that would truly be Sci-Fi. The thinner bezels would also help you get more immersed in the content that you are viewing. Alongside the curved edges this display would be the best one on the market.

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Dual Camera

As we covered in an article before the Note 8 might be getting a dual camera system. In order for the Note 8 to improve over the Galaxy S8 the camera upgrade is a must have because we have basically been using the same camera in that was in the Galaxy S7, it still is a great camera ,but the upcoming flagships will most likely be getting upgrades that match it or a even better than the S7 Camera. We will be doing a camera comparison of the S7 and S8 soon, so don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The dual camera system will be similar to the iPhone one where you can get 2x optical zoom, but the Note 8 will most likely have 3x optical zoom. And along with all of that you will get the usual OIS, 4K recording and stunning photos!

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