What We Might See At IFA 2017

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IFA 2017 kicks off the first week of September and there is a lot in store for tech gear fans to enjoy from some of the world’s biggest brands in the industry. The massive tech showcase in Berlin is a one-stop-shop for many of the hot new tech products that we’re likely to see this fall and winter. So, let’s jump into some of the big items we are expecting to see this year at IFA.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Probably the biggest story that will come out of IFA 2017 is the new Galaxy Note 8. This is a few weeks earlier than Samsung has typically announced their new Galaxy Note devices but since last year’s fiery Galaxy Note 7 blunder, Samsung needs to turn over a new leaf. Showing off their hot new flagship smartphone at one of the world’s biggest tech shows is a great new way to start the life of the Galaxy Note 8. Samsung’s new smartphone is expected to be one of the biggest launch of the fall and getting it to market a few weeks early should give it a leg up on the iPhone 8 and Google Pixel XL 2. This will likely be the first opportunity for many people to get their hands on the new device and check out the latest features that Samsung is offering up.

LG V30

Lost among all the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, iPhone 8, and Google Pixel XL 2 rumors is the LG V30. LG’s upcoming flagship is expected to make its appearance at IFA 2017. LG will likely hold a separate event at the same time as IFA 2017 to launch the V30 – this is what they did last year with the V20. Then, reviewers will get to test out the new device at the massive European tech show. The two-screen look of the V20 is expected to be kept in the V30 and there should be a nearly bezel-less design like we are expecting in a lot of flagship smartphones this fall.

More Smartphones

Huawei and Sony are also expected to show off their upcoming flagship devices at IFA 2017. The Mate 10 is going to be on display from Huawei. There is likely to be an update to the Huawei Watch alongside the Mate 10 for reviewers to check out. From Sony, the rumored Xperia X2 is expected to show up in Berlin this September. This might also be our first chance to finally see the long-awaited Nokia flagship smartphone. Of course, IFA 2017 will be more than just smartphones. There is plenty of tech to check out at the annual event.

Gaming Gear

Gamers will have a lot to talk about during IFA 2017. Last year, Acer showed off their ridiculous Predator 21X curved screen laptop. This year, expect Acer to have something in store that will be just as crazy. Alienware won’t sit by and watch Acer steal the show, however. There should be lots of beautiful 4K goodness from the Dell sub-brand this year. ASUS Republic of Gaming laptops should get some sort of update this year to round out the premium gaming laptops for fans to check out. Gamers that love VR won’t be going home without anything new to talk about, either. There will likely be a lot of VR displays for fans to experience and we might even get a chance to see what HTC has in store for VR headsets although that is not 100% certain at this point.

Home Tech Products

IFA 2017 will have plenty of stuff for the home including televisions and audio products. Philips will likely be showing off their televisions as well as some connected home products including a connected toothbrush. Welcome to the future! Harman Kardan will have plenty of audio stuff on display including headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and smart audio gear. Music fans will have plenty to enjoy and start saving their cash for to buy this fall.

A Few Surprises

Of course, there will likely be a few surprises in store at IFA 2017 as well. We will be keeping track of all the announcements and bring you the news as it happens. New devices, new tech, new software – it’s one of the most exciting times to be a bit of a tech geek.

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