Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Launch Event Planned Ahead Of iPhone 8: Here’s Why

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Breaking reports have suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 launch will be pushed forward, meaning that the phablet will arrive before the iPhone 8. A source close to the Korean company spoke with Reuters, and indicated that Samsung intends to hold a launch event in New York for the Galaxy Note 8 in the second half of August. With other competitors such as the Google Pixel 2 and OnePlus 5 now available, Samsung needs to produce something outstanding if it is to breathe new life into the Galaxy Note range.

Galaxy Note 8 launch details emerge

This can be considered an uncorroborated rumor at the time of writing, as the official was not authorized to speak on the Galaxy Note 8 launch publicly. But the anonymous individual did confirm some of the details relating to the Galaxy Note 8, as well as suggesting that the smartphone will hit the stores before the Apple flagship.

According to the source, the Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from a curved display that is a very slightly larger than the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 that hit the stores earlier this year. This is very much consistent with earlier reports on the subject, which have tended to suggest that the Galaxy Note 8 will feature a 6.3-inch or 6.4-inch display.

It was also suggested by the same source that when the Galaxy Note 8 is unveiled it will sport two rear cameras. Dual-camera technology is almost becoming a must in the smartphone industry now, with Apple expected to include a vertically-aligned dual-camera system with the iPhone 8 in order to deliver augmented reality functionality.

When pressed on the pricing for the Galaxy Note 8 launch, the source was unable to elaborate further, while Samsung Electronics has declined to comment on the matter. But the indication that the Galaxy Note 8 is coming, and some of the key details from this smartphone, will certainly be welcomed by Android fans.

It will be interesting to see how Samsung implements the dual-camera technology included in the Galaxy Note 8, as different manufacturers have adopted different approaches in this realm. For example, LG has utilized a wide-angle approach to photography, while Apple has favoured a dual-camera setup based on depth-perception.

S Pen upgrade

Another major new feature of the Galaxy Note 8 launch is expected to be an improved S Pen stylus. This peripheral aspect of the Galaxy Note 8 is deemed particularly important, as it is an element of the smartphone that distinguishes it from the flagship Galaxy S8, and really makes it feel like a true phablet.

There have been various rumors regarding the S Pen to be included in the Galaxy Note 8, but one of them is that the stylus will have a built-in motor. This feature apparently works closely with the Find My Mobile app in order to help users locate the stylus should it be misplaced.

Other functionality linked with the S Pen has included a new vibration system, while the implementation of a unique speaker system for the stylus also sounds particularly intriguing. It seems that the Galaxy Note 8 launch will particularly focus on the S Pen, as Samsung attempts to reinvigorate the Galaxy Note 8 brand following the disaster of the exploding Galaxy Note 7.

Embedded fingerprint sensor

It is also believed that Samsung has been working on technology which would enable the mega-corporation to integrate its fingerprint scanner within the glass of the Galaxy Note 8 display. It is expected that this will be completed in time for the Galaxy Note 8 launch, with Apple also reportedly tinkering with similar technology for the iPhone 8.

Both phablet releases are expected to ditch the omnipresent physical Home button from the front of their panels in the forthcoming generation, and it would be a small boost for Samsung if it was able to unveil this technology first. An early prototype of the Galaxy S8 also revealed that Samsung had hoped to include this feature in its flagship, only to be denied by logistical difficulties.

Concept images

Based on these rumors regarding the Galaxy Note 8 launch, designer Benjamin Geskin has created high-resolution renders based on two possible designs. The first sees the Galaxy Note 8 include a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and the seconds sees the fingerprint sensor hidden on the front of the phone.

There is an obvious incentive for Samsung to change the location of the fingerprint sensor, after its inclusion in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus was considered less than ideal. Many users reported that unlocking the Galaxy S8 via this feature could be extremely frustrating, with the location of the technology in an unnatural position for the index fingers of users.

Samsung attempted to diminish some of the criticism of this feature by including options related to facial recognition and iris scanning, but these were also considered to be less than convenient. With security becoming an increasingly important aspect of the smartphone industry, it is obvious that the Galaxy Note 8 needs to demonstrate a significant improvement over its predecessor.


There is still some debate over the resolution to be included in the Galaxy Note 8, with some observers suggesting that Samsung will really push the boat out and include 4K resolution. However, a consensus of opinion is tending towards the suggestion that the phablet will ultimately be a quad HD device, probably with exactly the same screen resolution as the Galaxy S8. For the record, the Galaxy S8 is capable of displaying 1,440 x 2,960 pixels.

Launch date

So with this latest leak regarding the Galaxy Note 8 launch having been confirmed, we can reasonably expect the phablet to emerge before the end of August. But with Samsung seemingly ready to unveil the Galaxy Note 8 towards the middle of the month, the device probably won’t be available in the stores until nearly the end of August.

Indeed, analysts are suggesting that the most likely Galaxy Note 8 launch date is August 26. So we only have just over 10 weeks to wait before we can finally get our hands on this smartphone.

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