After Note 7 Fiasco: Samsung Fans Await Galaxy Note 8 And Galaxy S8

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What’s next for Samsung? Now that the Note 7 has been discarded due to explosions, can its disappointment be turned around? Is there a brighter future for the South Korean manufacturer? These are the questions on the lips of Samsung’s fans right now, as are the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8.

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Samsung’s future

You couldn’t have guessed that even with the dust not being settled over the Note 7 debacle, the talk online would so quickly shift towards what Samsung will do next, but it has. And for those who think Samsung is done, think again. It’s a huge company with deep pockets, meaning that it could absorb what has been rumored to be a $17 billion loss due to this problem and still carry on doing business. After all, Samsung is much more than a mobile manufacturer, and its handset division is strong because it doesn’t place all of its eggs in one basket.

However, while this does mean there will be a future for Samsung mobile division, it doesn’t mean there won’t be consequences.

Will there be a Galaxy Note 8?

If you’re surprised by the question, you shouldn’t be. It’s common sense for some to think that this could be the end of the line for the Note series. However, Samsung has not said anything officially either way, so the rumor mill is going full guns.

Many believe that it would be foolish for Samsung to resurrect the series with a Galaxy Note 8 so soon. In fact, there’s no consensus on this matter from anyone at the moment, but I think it should leave well enough alone, with the option of taking what was good about the Note 7 and using it in some other interim handset model. After all, the problem was its battery, and maybe after some soul searching and technical deliberations, the Galaxy Note 8 could be released.

However, there would have to be some significant improvements to attract customers back to the brand. For certain, there would have to be a display with 4K resolution. We’d also have to see a curved screen, the latest chipset and an enormous amount of RAM. Additionally, its camera would have to stand out among the best, possibly taking on the Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus. All of this, I think, would be a minimum to turn the required amount of heads to make it a success again.

But could Samsung already have a plan in motion to turn things around?

Galaxy S8

Like any most other companies that work in the consumer electronics sector, Samsung has R&D. And this research and development department has been working overtime to be competitive in 2017, which just happens to be the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, so Apple is expected to stir things up.

So in expectation of a technological arms race, Samsung has been working on the Galaxy S8. If you believe the latest rumors, we could see two handsets, not one. According to this rumor, one handset will offer up a 5.1-inch 2.5K display, and the other a more Galaxy Note 8-sized 5.5-inch display which will be 4K.

Additionally, it looks as though Samsung is pulling ahead of Apple in display technology and will give the S8 an edge-to-edge display. Even more Apple-esque features are reportedly being discussed, such as a fingerprint sensor embedded into the screen, plus the possibility of the Galaxy S8 having a dual-sensor camera of its own. To back up this camera rumor, The Korea Herald recently published a report which reinforces it.

An unnamed official reportedly told the site: “Samsung is making parts orders for the Galaxy S8. Several new, more expensive components are expected to be used… Samsung’s parts suppliers are already taking orders for the production of dual-lens cameras that greatly upgrade camera functions to match the quality of DSLR cameras… Samsung is making parts orders for the Galaxy S8. Several new, more expensive components are expected to be used.”

Do you want to know more about the Galaxy S8? This will take your mind off the Note 7.

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