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Dual-Lens Camera May Appear On Galaxy C Before Galaxy Note 8

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Now that it’s pretty much confirmed that the Galaxy Note 8 is real and will make it to a store near you in the second half of the year, talk has shifted towards more serious contemplation of what Samsung will deliver. As such, it’s expected that a similar design to that of the S8 is in order, although with a bigger display and the S-Pen. Of particular note are the rumors surrounding a possible dual-lens camera. Here’s the latest.

Galaxy Note 8 dual camera lens will appear on the Galaxy C first
Image Credit: Ivo Maric / Concept Creator / YouTube video (screenshot)

Dual-lens camera

Since the launch of the Galaxy S8, there have been a lot of claims that it will have a dual-lens setup. Apparently, Samsung had some technical issues with a component. Its inability to rectify those problems meant that the S8 features roughly the same camera that’s on the S7 Edge, which was a massive disappointment for some.

As of right now, Samsung has neither denied or confirmed these reports; however, there have been images posted online which purport to show Galaxy S8 prototypes with a dual-lens setup, so many believe the rumor to be true.

Will the Galaxy Note 8 be next?

As for whether we will see a dual-lens camera on the Galaxy Note 8, the current consensus is yes. According to Forbes, unlike the S8’s camera, the dual-lens camera on the Galaxy Note 8 will be placed underneath the screen with a fingerprint sensor. If accurate, this would be a revolution in smartphone technology. Of course it would also mean that Samsung has solved the component problem that forced both features onto the rear of the flagship S-line devices.

However, further information that has been revealed which suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 could be the first Samsung handset with a dual-lens camera.

Enter the Galaxy C

But could the dual-lens setup find its way onto another handset before the Note 8 arrives? According to Twitter user @mmddj_china, another handset will indeed get this honor.

So someone else is claiming to know what Samsung has planned, and obviously, you should take this with a grain of salt. However, if you take a look at the sketch in the tweet above, it shows that the Galaxy C will supposedly have a dual-lens camera setup on its rear. Additionally, it will supposedly be in a vertical orientation, but from the looks of things, there’s no fingerprint sensor, or at least not on the rear. Instead, we think Samsung will leave this tech off the Galaxy C, which is nothing more than a mid-range smartphone.

What is known about the Galaxy Note C?

So if this rumor is true, why won’t Galaxy Note 8 be the first Samsung device with a dual-lens camera? Of course there’s only speculation, but Samsung could still be holding thousands of dual-lens camera components that were not used in a Galaxy S8. As such, Samsung needs to make use of the expensive components, and one way is to put them in the Galaxy C. This would give the technology a dry run and enable the company to iron out any other problems discovered by users early.

Unfortunately, additional information about the Galaxy C is difficult to come by. Right now, no one knows what screen size it will have or what kind of dual-lens camera it will have. GSM Arena recently reported about leaks suggesting the Galaxy C will feature a mid-range Snapdragon 835. Apparently, it’s a modified version of what is in current flagship devices with the same number of cores but its a weakened GPU.

As we learn more, we will keep you informed.

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