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Multiple Users Report Galaxy Note 8 Battery Problems

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With the recent “batterygate” fiasco regarding Apple’s admittance of slowing phones down and causing them to die faster, the topic of battery life is on everyone’s mind. It seems as if the iPhone isn’t the only product family dealing with a slowdown, however, as a number of people have reported Galaxy Note 8 battery problems.

Galaxy Note 8 Battery Problems

The Galaxy Note 8 battery problems don’t seem to be terribly widespread, but there’s enough of an issue to capture the attention of Samsung. The company has since acknowledged the Galaxy Note 9 battery problems and is currently working on a solution.

Complaints regarding the issue have been cropping up around the web, with the most popular post regarding the Galaxy Note 8 battery problems written by user Piunkiaweb on Reddit.

Users have since taken to the Samsung forums to voice their grievances. The following excerpt from the message board, documents one user’s experience trying to solve his Galaxy Note 8 battery problems.

“ Just bought a brand new Galaxy Note 8 from my Verizon retailer 2 months ago. Last night I let the battery die completely, and figured I’d just charge it later. (Not like this is the first time it has ever died completely.) So I plugged it in and it showed a circle with a lightning bolt, but the red charging LED did not light up. I figured since it was dead completely, it would just take a few minutes to power up. It never did. It won’t charge. I talked to Samsung customer support who told me to press different button combinations to reboot it/hard reset it– nothing worked, because none of the buttons are responsive either. The whole phone is completely unresponsive to EVERYTHING. It has never been dropped, put near water, NOTHING– it is in perfect condition.”

As mentioned above, Samsung is currently aware of the issues and has stated that “This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately.”

A Critical Problem For Samsung

The Galaxy Note 8 battery problems are a problem in and of themselves, but it’s especially important that Samsung work to rectify the situation considering the huge problems with the Galaxy Note 7. The Note 7 had to be recalled completely, resulting in an entire generation of phones and millions of dollars worth of development going down the drain. It appears that the Galaxy Note 8 battery problems is much less dire than a battery literally catching fire, but considering the massive PR hit that the company had to deal with after the Note 7 disaster, it’s in the company’s best interest to tackle this issue sooner rather than later.

The luxury flagship has been selling well thus far, but if news of Galaxy Note 8 battery problems continue to spread, Samsung may be in for a rough time. It’s clear that the company is aware of the issue, however, so we’ll likely see a resolution sooner rather than later – provided it’s an easy fix.

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